• Current Title: Cashier
  • Job Field: Fast Food Restraunt
  • Years of Experience: 2-3 Years
  • I am interested In: Full time
  • I’m currently: Currently Working
  • Willing to Relocate: Depends
  • Willing to Travel: Do not mind travelling
  • Highest Education: Some College
  • Current Career Level: Entry Level
  • Work Authorization: US Citizen

Danyell Nycole Thacker


In applying for this position I will use the social skills I have acquired while working banquets for J.W. Marriott and Arbys to ensure the safety of my guest. I am very passionate about providing the best care for my customers and will give 100% to perform the position to the best of my ability.


In applying for this job I hope to further my desire to make sure that our customers' or guests' safety is completely secure and not at risk at anytime. By being able to ensure this I can help the company by making sure the guests are safe as well as its employees.


Southport High School
Southport High School , Indianapolis , Indiana
Graduated: May 2011
In high school I had made the A-B honor roll all four years. During this time I was also a student assistant for many teachers because they knew I was trustworthy and could be relied on to do a good job. I was one of the very few students in the school who was allowed to monitor a classroom when the teacher had to leave the room.

Indiana University Purdure University Indianapolis , Indianapolis , Indiana
I am currently enrolled at IUPUI to achieve my associate in Nurising. I plan to graduate the Nursing program and to go back to further my education in homeland security as well.

Employment History

December 2011 – Present: Banquet Server
Company: Indianapolis
JW Marriot , Indiana
This job title has allowed me to build confidence in knowing how to react quickly in any type of hectic situation. I plan to use this skill I have aquired and apply it to the security officer position and to make responsible decisions in dangerous situations I may come across. The safety of those around me are of great importance.

December 2008 – Present: Cashier
Company: Arby's
Indianapolis , Indiana
My background in working with customers has allowed to me aquire the certain people skills i will need for this job to take it seriously. I have had to deal with very rude customers which has taught me how to stay calm in high stress volumed times. Working as a cashier I have also learned how to defend myself against harsh people in an assertive and positive way.

Professional Skills

Sign Language – Beginner

Hobbies & Interests

I love to cook, clean, play football, relax, listening to music and just being myself. For fun I still spin my color guard rifle that I stil have. I also love to plan weddings.


December 2011: First Aide Ceritfied
Organization: American Red Cross
Indianapolis , Indiana

A B Honor Roll
Organization: Southport High School Honor Roll
Indianapolis , Indiana


American Sign Language – Conversational