• Job Field: None
  • Years of Experience: 1 Year
  • I am interested In: Part Time
  • I’m currently: Looking for work
  • Willing to Relocate: Depends
  • Willing to Travel: Few times a year
  • Highest Education: Some High School
  • Current Career Level: Entry Level
  • Work Authorization: US Citizen

colby sheets


I am applying for this position i have a junior highschool education i am educated and can handle common sense things aswell. Im willing to work hard and learn fast to get the job done right.i can handle anything thrown at me and i will be able to bring a full range of skills to the job.


By applying for this job i hope to further advance myself in worke experience and learn new things that i will use the rest of my life.


Ukiah High School
ukiah high school, ukiah, california
Grade: 11
i am a junior in highschool and have attended many school events. I like to work in groups and im often the leader in group projects im also enrolled in sports and take woodshop and ceramics classes.

Employment History

September 1996 – September 1996: none
Company: none yet
ukiah, California
This would be my first time working for a real employer

Professional Skills

woodworking – Intermediate

landscaping – Beginner

math – Advanced

Hobbies & Interests

I play football, i like to read, ride bikes, building things with wood, and other activities