• Current Title: Operations Manager
  • Job Field: Management
  • Years of Experience: 4-6 Years
  • I am interested In: Full time
  • I’m currently: Looking for work
  • Willing to Relocate: Depends
  • Willing to Travel: Do not mind travelling
  • Highest Education: Bachelor's
  • Current Career Level: Manager
  • Work Authorization: US Citizen

Chasta Warner


In applying this position I will be utilizing knowledge I acquired through my bachelors degrees in business management and through skills I developed working for 7 years as a human resources and operations manager. Through the positions listed have acquired in-depth and diverse knowledge about the field that I hope to fully utilize in this new position. My extensive experience working on the operations floor and in the office, as well as my academic background, will enable me to bring a full range of skills to this position advertised.


In applying for this position I hope to further develop my human relations and operations management skills by obtaining new knowledge and experiences. Through the development of these I hope to expand the company's ability to hire and develop the best and operate efficient as possible.


University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

University Of Alabama, Graduated May 2010

Bachelors Degree

In addition to working in the human resources and operations management field for the past seven years, I also completed a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Over the course of my education, I contributed to several projects for the university, including redefining learning courses and strategies of business management. I also had the opportunity to work as intern while completing my degree as a human resources manager that allowed me to gain valuable professional experience in the field I studied. I graduated with a G.P.A. of 4.0.

Employment History

Amazon.com LLC, Nashville, Tennessee

Operations Manager, March 2010 – Present

My background in working in operations management have allowed me to acquire an extensive knowledge base and skill-set in this field which will allow me to make valuable contributions to a wide range of business and predations decisions. My pervious work on both large and small-scale projects has given me considerable insight into the challenges and needs of a variety of clients and projects, allowing me to offer highly tailored solutions to each business, operation, and client. In addition, having managed the operations, I have learned and honed valuable collaboration and team management skills that have allowed me to both manage and work constructively and innovative lay in group-based environments. Below is also a list of many of my skills I have learned in my years of experience.

Hand-selected to lead major corporate initiatives for reputation as a problem solver, cross-functional team coordinator, consensus-builder, and driver of double-digit revenue and profit performance.

*Operations Management* Teambuilding & Leadership* Multi-Site Operations
*Strategic Planning * Materials Management *Quality Assurance/Control
*Lean Manufacturing * Purchasing & Procurement *Mergers & Acquisitions
*Spend Management * Cost Reduction. *Negotiations
*Process Redesign *Procedure Development. * Logistics Management
* Customer Relation Management

Amazon.com LLC, Seattle, Washington

Human Resources Manager, August 2006 – March 2010

My background in working in human resources have allowed me to acquire an extensive knowledge base and skill-set in this field which allowed me to make valuable decisions to multiple situations. My pervious work has given me considerable insight into the challenges and needs of developing and hiring the best, manage multiple teams, professionalism, and the skill to adopt to any situation. Below I have listed many of my skills I have acquired of the years of my experience in this field.

*Experienced manager with expertise in human relations and project management
*Extensive background in staff recruitment and retention
*Staff training and development
*Superb written and oral communication skills
*Organizational and Strategic Planning
*Management Coaching
*Program Marketing
*Contract negotiation and compliance
*Knowledge of Federal and State Employment Law

Professional Skills

Management: Advanced
Microsoft Programs: Advanced
Computer Skills: Advanced
Organizational and Strategic Planning : Advanced
Experienced manager with expertise in human relations and project management : Advanced

Hobbies & Interests

Outdoor activities, football, hockey, traveling, skiing, cheer leading, family/ friend oriented events, cooking, painting, volunteering at animal shelters, and reading.


Italian: Conversational
Spanish: Conversational