Tips for Writing a Great Resume

If you’re unemployed and looking for a job or if you’re employed and looking for a better job, you need a great resume to catch the eye of a personnel manager. While there is no shake-and-bake formula, if you follow these tips, you can create a professional-looking, attention-getting resume.

First of all, it’s smart to have a few resumes that are slanted toward one job or another. If you’re looking to land a job in sales, you want to pack your resume with all your sales experience. If you’re trying to break into the IT field, you should emphasize your background and experience in the world of computers.

One size does not fit all when it comes to resumes. Be sure to use the keywords you saw in the ad to which you’re applying. Don’t brag, but don’t be modest either. This is the time to show potential employers your skills and background.

Not Too Fancy

Naturally, you want your resume to stand out, but don’t be too fancy. Select a typeface that is conservative, such as Helvetica, Arial or Times Roman. These fonts are easy to read and are traditionally used for resumes. Remember that the person reviewing your resume sees many such documents every day, so make yours easy to read. Using a fancy font that is difficult to decipher will get your resume placed in the waste basket.

Not Too Long and Not Too Short

If you’re trying to land an entry-level job, one page is usually enough to highlight your experience. If you’re trying to get a higher level job, and you have plenty of experience, it’s fine to send a two-page resume. Be sure to pack it with all the experience, education and background you have.

Contact Info

You need to provide all the contact info you have, but nothing too personal. You do not have to supply your Social Security number until you’re hired. However, you want the hiring manager to be able to contact you, so be sure to include your full name, street address, city, state, zip code, home phone number, cell phone number and email address. If the job requires social media experience, include your Facebook, Twitter or home page address.

Your Objective

Be sure to include your objective in your resume. If you want a job with advancement opportunities, mention that. Employers like people with ambition. Mention any hobbies or tie-ins you may have with the field.

Stack the Deck

Be sure to place the most relevant experience you have at the top of the resume. You might want to include your employment history first or your education. It depends on the type of job and your experience.

Just remember, this is your one chance to make an impression, so make it as forceful and creative as possible without breaching the bounds of good taste.

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