Tips for Keeping Your Resume Up to Date

Resume and golden key
It is no secret that the jobs market is a little touch and go lately. Just a few minutes listening to the news will tell you that it can be a struggle to find a good-paying job. At, we love helping college graduates take those first steps to building a fulfilling and lucrative career. The best way for you to stand out from the crowd is to put together a good resume and keep it up to date. Being as this is our bread and butter, we have a few tips that can help you do that.

Customize the Resume for Each Job

The most common resume mistake we see from recent college grads is trying to send in the same resume for each job they are applying for. It’s much easier to print of 40 copies of the same document and send the same thing to each company. Sadly, the easy road is not usually the one that will give you the best results.

For each job that you apply for, go through and change the description of your skills and desires for a job to better match the position you are applying for.

Add On Every Certification You Achieve

There should be a place on your resume where you list the specific skills that you are certified and trained in. Each time that you achieve a new one, it should be added to your resume. If this section of your resume is looking a little sad and lonely, then it can be very helpful for you to take some quick courses to gain the certification needed. Some of the certifications companies take a lot of notice of are as follows:

  • Excel
  • Word processing
  • System networking
  • Photoshop and other Adobe programs
  • Leadership seminars
  • Military training
  • Financial review

A job description document
Splice in Wording from the Job Description

This will go along with customizing the resume to the specific job. While this will help in your resume, this is really geared towards your cover letter. As you begin to write your introductory letter to affix to your resume, be sure to use the same kind of wording that was placed in the job description. That description lays out exactly what the company is looking for in their new employee. When you splice in that wording into your introduction, they will be sure to see that you are a good fit. Of course, you must be honest about it. It will do you no good to put in verbiage that in no way applies to you.

Review Your Resume Often

Often people will create a resume, and then pretty much never read through it again. This is a mistake. If you want it to stay up to date, then you need to be looking at it on a regular basis. Before you print it out for anyone, read it through to see what kind of impression it will give of you. Look at the addresses and phone numbers for you and your references and be sure that they are all up to date. Simply looking through your resume often will help you keep it current.


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