How to Build Your Resume

Resume and golden key

When you need to find your next job or your lifelong dream job, crafting the perfect resume is going to be your essential first step. But what if you don’t know how to create a resume? What if you haven’t had to put one together in a long time and aren’t sure what to do? Here are 4 key first steps to resume writing to help you out.

Enter Your Information

It might surprise you to know that many people do not include all of their relevant contact information on their resumes. Your resume needs to include your name, email address, 10-digit phone number, and full physical address. You never know how prospective employers are going to try to reach you, whether by phone, text, email, or regular mail. Make sure you have every avenue included. A physical address shows them that they are working with someone local, making you more likely to be hired.

As a note on email addresses, make sure that your email address is professional. If you do not have an email address that includes your first name or initial and last name, sign up for one on a free service before you put your email address on your resume. For example, a prospective employer is more likely to request an interview from someone whose email prefix is “john.smith” than from someone whose email address begins with “party_guy_88”.

Identify Qualifications

You will need to go through every job that you have had and put together a list of your qualifications. The more exhaustive or comprehensive list that you can put together, the better. You will be in a better position if you have more qualifications written down, no matter how insignificant you think they might be, since this will help you by giving you more to pick and choose from when entering your qualifications in your resume for individual jobs.

Target the Specific Job

When you are writing your resume or updating your resume, make sure that you put keywords and specific information from the job description into your resume. This is the best way to ensure that your resume includes information that is specifically relevant to the job to which you are applying. It will also help the person who is reviewing the incoming applications to identify some of the ways that you are qualified for that position specifically. It also shows that you read the job description carefully enough to pull out some specific items that resonated with you.

Employment application

Work with Professionals

Perhaps the greatest advantage that you can give yourself when you are putting together a resume is to work with professionals. Build your resume using an online resume builder service like Doing so is a great way to work with resume professionals to put together your best possible resume. There are many free and inexpensive tools available to you and you should avail yourself of every advantage that you can. Finding the right job has significant bearing on your life and you should take the time to take the appropriate steps to make sure you find something that is a good fit.

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