Examples on how to take your resume from good to great

5 Examples on How to Take Your Resume from Good to Great

On average, hiring managers spend a mere 6-seconds reviewing your resume, which means you need to make a great first impression – fast! You don’t need to be the best in your field in order to have the best resume. Often, the difference between a good resume and a great one is just about knowing what and how much to tweak.

Use our examples below to create a great resume and make those 6-seconds count!


Good: Won First University Innovation Scholarship, 2016
Great: Awarded a $25,000 scholarship from First University for product innovation competition of 50 contestants.

Be specific and show your educational accomplishments. This is no time to be modest!

Work Experience

Good Work Experience: Worked with large-scale clients including Coca-Cola and Virgin Mobile.
Great Work Experience: Strengthened relationships with top-tier clients including Coca-Cola and Virgin Mobile through strategic sales nurturing.

Use strong descriptive words when describing the work you have done with whom and add quantifying parameters to showcase your specific relationships.

Contact Information

Good Contact Info: joesmith@fakemail.com | home: 604 555 8767 | cell: 604 555 1221 | address: #1234 Main Street, Vancouver
Great Contact Info: joesmith@fakemail.com | 604 555 1221 | Vancouver | linkedin.com/joesmith

In the case of contact info, less is more. Provide one phone number only – the one you would be most likely to answer and check voicemails on. Providing your entire home address isn’t necessary anymore now that most job applications are done online. Also make sure to include a link to your professional online profile or portfolio.

Employer Information:

Good Employer Info: A.B.C Tools
Great Employer Info: A.B.C Tools – North America’s leading supplier of hair tools and accessories.

Again – context is king! Adding a short sentence describing the companies you have worked for helps the hiring manager understand your role more clearly.

Job Description

Good Job Description: Improved newsletter readership
Great Job Description: Increased newsletter open-rates by 16% in 3 months through A/B testing of different layouts. 

When describing an achievement, get into the fine-points by adding numbers and showing how you strategically solved a problem.

By the time you’ve finished reading this article, a hiring manager could have looked at half a dozen resumes! Create a resume that stands out now. 



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