7 Signs that Your Resume is Outdated

When you send out your resume, you should tailor it for each company and keep it current. There are things that you may be leaving in your resume that will tell companies and recruiters that your resume is outdated. Here are 7 things that recruiters don’t want to see on your resume anymore:

resumeHome Address

It may have been commonplace for people to include their home address in past times, but it is no longer necessary. In place of your home address, you should include your cell phone number and email address. You should also have an updated email address. If you have an AOL or Hotmail email address, it’s time to change your address to something like Gmail or Outlook!

Objective Statement

Companies don’t want to know what your objective is in writing a resume. They have their own objective: to find someone to hire. If you want to write something at the beginning of your resume, write a summary of your qualifications. Include 3-7 lines at the beginning of your resume to describe your education and work experience that make you qualified for the position posted.

Personal Interests

When creating categories for your resume, some people used to include one with their personal interests, such as hobbies or activities. Don’t waste space on your resume talking about what you like to do outside of work (unless it’s directly realted to the job posting!) Instead, use the space to show off your qualifications for the position. Save the information about your personal interests for your interview if you need something to talk about.


If you choose to make a list of your skills, think about each one that you add. You should include anything that is specific to the job that you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying for a position as a video editor, you may want to include various software programs that you’re proficient at using. Don’t include outdated skills, such as Microsoft Office or the Internet. Most companies will expect everyone to know how to use these anyway.

Job Responsibilities

When you list your job experience, it’s important to include information about what you accomplished in each position. In the past, people have listed what their job responsibilities were for each position. Now, companies want you to quantify and qualify your accomplishments instead.

Improper Use of Space

You don’t have to hold yourself to one page, but you shouldn’t take too many pages either. Use a page or 2, but try to have a good balance of blank space and words on the page. Use a proper-sized font so the person reading it won’t have any problems discovering why you’re the right choice for the open position.

Resume template, Minimalist cv, Vector design

“References Upon Request”

Many people got in the habit of writing “references upon request” at the bottom of their resumes. Don’t do it anymore! If companies want to ask for references, they will contact you. They may even ask for them in the job description. Don’t waste space telling them that you’ll provide references when they ask.

If you found yourself cringing after reading these points, it’s time to edit your resumeCreate a new resume at Resume.com and check our Career Center to get on the right track during your job hunt. Good luck!


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