5 Essential Resume Double Takes

When you put together a resume hoping to land your dream job, there are some things that you can do to your resume that will cause prospective employers to do a double take. Here at Resume.com, we offer these important tips to remember when you create a resume for maximum results. The more time an e

Create a resume

mployer takes to look at your resume, and the more second looks your resume gets, the higher the likelihood of you getting an interview.

Use Industry Keywords

One of the ways that you can make your resume stand out is utilize keywords and buzzwords in your resume. You should use words like “developed,” “managed,” and “proactively” in your resume. Even more important than having these excellent words in your resume is being able to back them up with specific, measurable statements. If you are using the words just to use them, your resume might sound ridiculous and contrived. Our experts at Resume.com can help you draft a resume that strikes the right balance.

Customize Your Resume for the Job

One popular way to apply for many jobs all at once is to write one generic resume and send it to many prospective employers at once. However, this is simply not the best way to ensure your resume gets noticed. If you take key qualifications from the job description and apply details about your own qualifications and experience using these key phrases, you will make yourself look more impressive and ultimately more qualified. Our professionals at Resume.com will be happy to assist in resume customization.

Keep It Modern and Updated

You might not have had to update your resume in the past 2 decades, but your resume doesn’t have to look aged. Make sure that your resume has a clear line of focus that pulls the reader’s eye through all of the information. At Resume.com, we help job hunters design resumes with clean lines and a proper balance of white space to text. Your resume should include all of your qualifications and be well designed, but having more design elements than text can make your resume too busy and difficult to follow.

Make It Easy To Read

The person reviewing your resume might not have a lot of time to pour over every detail that you have entered on your resume. Our experts know that busy hiring professionals may only have a few minutes between meetings or before running off to lunch to glance over your resume. For this reason, we want to help make your resume as easy to read as possible. Big blocks of text are not ideal for resume writing. Instead, opt for bulleted lists of qualifications and paragraphs that are indented in after clear paragraph headings. This will make it much easier for prospective employers to glance through a resume efficiently.

Design a Great Header

Horizontal view of woman with her curriculum vitae

Your header should be clear and hard hitting. An objective statement is optional, and you should only use one if it is directly relevant to the job that you want. However, using a brief title or phrase after your name at the very top can be effective. For example, you might include something like “John Smith, Professional Communicator and Award-Winning Journalist five years in a row.”

Your resume does not have to be too colorful, too wordy, or downright obnoxious to get noticed. In fact, a resume that has these elements will look tacky and gaudy. When you need to put together a good resume that stands out, allow the experts at Resume.com help you decide what elements and how much to include.


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