What Is Personal Branding and How Can It Benefit You?

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Trying to land the job of your dreams is not a one-step process. Getting into the field, getting the right experience, developing relevant skills, and selling yourself to potential employers as the best candidate are all part of the game. When you are first starting out, this can seem very daunting. Where should you begin? Where should you focus your time and effort? Will that internship or class really benefit you in the long run? Read on to learn about personal branding, the benefits of a resume builder, and how to start building your brand.

What Is Personal Branding and Why Does It Matter?

Personal branding is carving out a niche, making a name for yourself, and then selling what you have to offer as your name or brand. In the same way a major label or company creates a set of products and services and then markets them to the public, you can market yourself to future employers. Establishing a certain image and package that you want to present to the world will set you apart from other candidates and help you to further your career.

Where Should You Begin?

Decide what you want your brand to be. What do you want to do? What do you want to offer? How do you want to package it? Once you decide on your dream job, you can map out a path to get there. What do the rungs on your ladder look like? Will you need a certain degree? Will you need certain kinds of experience (like experience managing people or experience with certain types of software)? Talk to people in the field, use online resources, and find out what an employer would want to see on a resume. Once you know what you need, you can determine where to begin.

Personal Trainer At The Gym
An Example

So what does it all mean? Well, by way of example, if you want a career in fitness, decide on your specialty or niche. Perhaps you want to work in corporate fitness and wellness, helping employees of large corporations improve their overall health. You should try to get as much education as you can in that area, whether it is from classes, certification courses, books, or online programs. You could also start a blog with tips on losing weight or exercises you can do at a desk. You could try your hand at doing personal training, gathering testimonials and experience along the way. You could volunteer at community centers, take on internships, and generally try to entrench yourself in your specific field. After working on that, you could then bring everything together into a well-established and attractive package and start promoting your personal brand. The goal should be to establish yourself as the expert in health, fitness, and wellness, creating a brand that can sell itself as you reach more and more people (and more potential employers).

How Do You Put It into Your Resume?

The idea of a resume is that it tells your story in quick, appealing bursts. Using a resume builder, you can take your personal brand and condense it onto a sheet of paper for potential employees to peruse. All your hard work will come together, and you can show off everything you have to offer.

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