3 Tricks to Creating a Professional Image Online

When you apply for a job, one of the first things employers will do is search for you on the internet. Your professional image online tells them who you are, what you’re like to work with, and what kind of employee you’d be if you worked for them.

That means that it’s crucial that you impress your potential employers with your maturity and professionalism. But in this era of Snapchat and Twitter, one quick Google search could be the difference between getting the career of your dreams and getting turned down.

Are you confident that your prospective employers will like what they find online?

Make sure your personal brand will make you proud, not pained, when you’re looking for a job.

Get these three don’t-miss tricks to creating a professional image online.

1. Check Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…

professional image online 3

Are you happy with what you find when you look yourself up online?

Or do you wish that those Spring Break photos would disappear?

Like it or not, employers are seeing the same results when they look you up. If anything inappropriate or unprofessional is being associated with your name, take steps to get the content removed or remove it yourself, if possible.

For example, it may be a good idea to ask your friends to untag old photos of you at any wild parties. It may also be a good idea to double check that your profile photos are all professional-looking.

2. Make New Content for Your Professional Image Online

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Unfortunately, it’s impossible to really delete anything off of the internet. If you aren’t able to remove inappropriate or unprofessional content online, do your best to push anything unsavoury further down in the search results so that employers are less likely to find them.

Create new content that represents the personal brand that you want to have. Some great ways to generate relevant content include starting and maintaining a blog, creating a public LinkedIn resume, or writing guest blog posts for other industry-relevant publications.

3. Set Your Privacy Settings on Social Media

professional image online 4

Some social media platforms allow you to control who sees your activity, such as Facebook and Instagram. One of the most straightforward ways you can create a professional image online is to simply adjust your privacy settings on those platforms.

However, it’s important to know that some social media platforms don’t have privacy settings. For example, all Twitter activity is publicly accessible. Be highly aware that if you choose to use these platforms, anyone can see what you’ve been up to, including employers.

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