Help! How Do I Pick a Blog Post Topic?

Amazing! You’ve decided that starting a blog is right for your job hunt. You’re excited and ready to begin. But if you’re like many aspiring bloggers, or even if you’re a seasoned blogging veteran, you may find yourself a little stumped on how to take your blank document and turn it into a well-written post.

Blogging can be intimidating. Hopefully, you’ve read our guide on how to launch a blog, but there’s more to it than just the basics. Finding a blog post topic to write about isn’t always as easy, but it can be a truly fun, fulfilling challenge that you can confidently overcome with a few simple tips.

Blogging is a great way to build your personal brand, which employers love to see when they’re looking for their next hire. It’s vital for you to choose a topic for your post that shows off your personality, knowledge, and why you’re best for the position.

Here are five proven tricks that will help you choose the best blog post topic for your post – and help you get the job of your dreams along the way.

1. Find Your Purpose

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Before you put down a single word, take a moment to think about what you want to accomplish with your blog. Knowing what your purpose will aid you in selecting a topic that’ll achieve your goals without wasting your precious time and resources.

To find out what your purpose is, ask yourself these questions:

  • What kind of job do I want to find?
  • Who is my ideal employer?
  • Am I creating a blog to find a job right away, develop my personal brand, or for something else?

Once you know why you’re blogging, you can pick your potential topics based on whether it will help you realize your purpose.

For example, you could identify that the purpose of your blog post is to help you develop your personal brand as a modern, hip marketer. Now that you know what you want to accomplish, you can choose a topic that suits your goals, such as showing off your cutting-edge industry knowledge by covering a new development in digital marketing.

2. Check Out What’s Hot

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Blogging about the latest developments in your industry is a fantastic way to highlight your expertise and know-how. When employers see that you’re ahead of the curve, they’ll be sure that you’re an active, agile candidate who’s always looking to learn and grow.

Choosing a timely topic doesn’t have to be hard, though. It can be as stress-free as setting up an automatic Google Alert, which notifies you of interesting content based on your preferences, or as straightforward as looking up the latest headlines on industry-specific websites.

For example, if you’re looking for a position as an accountant, you can set up a Google Alert for accounting updates, or search publications like Accounting Today and The New York Times for accounting-specific news.

3. Dig into the Past

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If blogging about the hottest industry events doesn’t appeal to you, try exploring the past instead. Digging through the history of your specialty, whether it’s dentistry, pharmaceuticals or software, would be a fascinating topic that would certainly impress employers.

Keep in mind that you need to be accurate when you’re writing about the past. You still need to backup your post with real facts and data, even if you’re blogging. Luckily, researching is a breeze with the widespread availability of free information on the internet.

Some topics you could write about include:

  • Dramatic events
  • Impactful people
  • Inventions and discoveries

4. Know Your FAQs

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Answering frequently asked questions is a valuable source for topics because you’re providing information that enriches your industry. You’re showing employers that you’re helpful, knowledgeable, and a candidate that they should add to their team.

Brainstorm a list of industry-specific questions that you’re asked a lot, or questions that you often wonder about. After you choose a good question, simply write your answer or solution down in a post.

5. Keep Your Blog Post Topic Appropriate

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The most important part of choosing a blog post topic is making sure that it’s appropriate. Remember, you’re writing your blog to demonstrate to employers why they should hire you. This means that you need to keep your post professional, informed, and articulate.

Pick a topic that highlights why you’d be a great employee, do your research, and then put aside time to express your thoughts in an organized way.

Try to stay away from controversial topics or topics that will make employers angry or argumentative. While they make for exciting posts that may get a lot of interest, it’s not necessarily the type of attention you want to get when you’re looking for a job.

Double check your blog post topic before you start writing by answering these questions:

  • Is this topic provocative or contentious?
  • Will this topic reflect badly on me?
  • Do I want this topic to represent me to employers?
  • Will this topic impact my job hunt in a negative way?

If you answer, “Yes,” to any of these questions, it may be best to go back to the drawing board.

Hopefully, these five prompts will help you get started on a blog post that will offer value to your readers and showcase your writing abilities. For more inspiration, check out this article on “7 Steps to Writing a Great Blog Post”.

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