Cleaning Up Your Social Media Profiles

As you start your job search, you may be surprised to find that many employers are concerned about your social media presence. Employers are sure to pry into your personal life by searching through social media profiles when they receive your resume, so now is the time to clean up your profiles to maintain a positive image. Here are some tips for achieving this goal.

Start Using Caution When Posting

To minimize the negative impact that your social media presence may have, start being thoughtful about your statuses and pictures. If you would be embarrassed to know that your future boss has seen a status or picture, do not post it. While this tip does not erase negative history, it does ensure that you will not have to sift through posts again after you have cleaned up your social media profiles.

Limit Past Posts

If you have been posting on social media websites for the past decade, it is probably not realistic for you to sort through every post you have ever made. In order to limit the posts that prospective employers can view, you can go into the privacy settings to set all of your past posts to show up only for people who are on your friends list.

Sort Through Your Pictures

While the fun pictures of you with your friends or family members are fine for social media, the pictures from spring break in college are not. These pictures that commemorate your past can be shared privately with select friends, but you should remove inappropriate photos from your social media profiles. This is also true for any photos you have shared that contain profanity, nudity or other characteristics that are not appropriate in the office.

Edit Your Friends List

Your prospective employers are probably not concerned with the people in your friends list, but everyone has that one friend who will not hesitate to post inappropriate items on your wall. These friends may also tag you in photos or posts that you do not want prospective employers to see, so it is best to take them off of your friends list before they can cause a problem.

Limit Tagging

Restrict your friends’ ability to tag you in posts to keep yourself from showing up in posts that are not appropriate for work. You can do this by accessing the privacy settings for your social media profile.

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