7 Weekend Job Hunting Hacks

As tempting as it may be this weekend to kick back and relax,  there will be time for that AFTER you land the job. Dedicate this weekend to your future and your job search. Here are our favorite  hacks on how to use the next 48 hours to better your job hunt.   With that – you just may be spending next weekend toasting to your new job!

1. Figure Out What You Want
Before jumping into your job search, take some time to analyze exactly what you want in a new job. Think about your past experiences at work or school and write down a list of things you liked and didn’t like. Also think about your own work/life balance desires – do you want flexible hours or to take your dog to the office? Figure out what is important to you and take that into account when searching for positions.

2. Scour Job Boards
Grab some coffee – this may take a while, it’s time to start looking through the job boards. Start as specific as you can be; if you want a full-time job that pays $60,000/year, has full-benefits and is a 5 minute walk from home – look for it first! If not everything you dreamed of lines up with one job, begin to expand your search by taking off parameters that are the least important to you (ex. I’ll take $5,000 less per year if I can walk to work and save money on gas and parking). From your research, choose your top 5 jobs and focus.

3. Research
Ensure that you read through the entire job description so that you fully understand what you are applying for – but don’t stop there. Check out sites like Glassdoor to get the inside scoop from employee reviews, see if they have a company blog, read their social media posts – get as much information as you can about not only the job, but the company culture and values. This may be one of the most daunting tasks of your job search, but it certainly is one of the most important.

4. Prep Your Resume & Cover Letter
First impressions count – and to an employer, your resume and cover letter are just that. Tailor your application specifically for the job you are applying to. Go through the job posting and match up skills and requirements with what you have to offer and be sure to highlight them. Remember to focus on your achievements, not merely list tasks at previous positions. Before sending off your application, ask a friend to read over it for you – not only to catch any spelling or formatting errors, but to get them to answer this question “Can you explain back to me why I am a good fit for this position?” if they can’t, you need to go back to the drawing board.

5. Go For Coffee
If you are looking to make a career move, think and see if you know anyone who is in the field you’re interested in, or if any friends or  family can introduce you to someone. Reach out to them and ask if you can take them out for coffee this weekend. Use that time to pick their brain about the industry, ask for tips and advice on job applications. Who knows – sometimes coffee can turn into a career.

6. Schmooze
Is the company you’re applying for involved in their community? Many large companies sponsor or hold events on the weekends. Perhaps they’re sponsoring a local festival, or maybe they have a booth at a charity run. This is a great opportunity to casually chat with people who work there and mention your interest. We definitely don’t recommend showing up suit & tie with resume in hand, it’s just about networking and making connections that could lead into something more.

7. Do Not Apply
Wait – what? That’s right, whatever you do this weekend – do not apply for a job. Saturdays are the worst day to apply for a job according to a study from Bright.com, with Sundays not falling too far behind. In fact, only 14% of applicants advance to the next stage of the hiring process when they apply on a Saturday. The day with the highest probability of success is Monday with a 37% success rate of getting to phase two.

This weekend – forget Netflix and focus on setting yourself up for job search success!


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