7 Job Hunt Habits That Will Make You Insanely Productive

Let’s get real. People often don’t appreciate how hard it is to look for a job, but being insanely productive 24/7 is way easier said than done.

The fact of the matter is that trying to find work can feel like just as much work (if not more work) than the actual job itself.

Filling out hundreds of applications, rewriting your resume dozens of times, and sending out what can feel like endless cover letters takes real time and effort.

It’s understandable if you sometimes feel like you’re just throwing your hard work away, especially if you aren’t hearing back right away from employers.

However, it’s crucial that you keep powering ahead in your job hunt.

Keep your motivation game strong for your job search by doing these seven surprising habits to stay insanely productive.

1. Organize Your To-Do List
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Do you feel overwhelmed with how many tasks you have hanging around?

If your messy list of things-to-do is threatening to freak you out, take a few minutes to start fresh by decluttering your to-do list. Cleaning up your to-do list will help you de-stress while ensuring that you concentrate on the most important things first.

Reorganize your to-do list in order of priority, and then rewrite your to-do list on a clean sheet of paper or online document.

Optimize your productivity by making sure you can access your ongoing tasks whenever and wherever you are. Upload your to-do list online to cloud storage like Google Drive, use a free productivity app like Todoist on your mobile phone, or simply take your paper list wherever you go.

2. Mix Up Your Priorities

When you’re making your way down your to-do list, you may find yourself getting overwhelmed. If you find yourself getting bogged down with the number of tasks you need to do, try mixing up the order you’re finishing your tasks in.

Here are some ways you can get through your to-do list faster:

  • Do your tasks in order of easiest to hardest
  • Check off the fastest tasks first
  • Work on your tasks alphabetically

3. Clean Your Space

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You may find yourself in a rut after hours of applying for jobs. If you’re suffering from a fuzzy mind, you may find that cleaning your space goes a long way to clearing your head.

Having a messy space can be distracting, regardless of whether you’re sending off job applications from a home office or your bedroom.

Concentrating is a lot easier in a space that’s decluttered. Set a timer for ten minutes and tidy up your workspace. You’ll feel much better sending off resumes from a stress-free space.

4. Move Your Body

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Make sure you’re taking time every day to move your body and get your heart pumping during regular breaks during your job hunt.

Exercise has been recommended by experts all around the world to relieve the negative effects of depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and stress.

Additionally, exercise has been found to have a positive relationship with improving mental focus. For example, one recent study by Oregon State University stated that as little as 15 minutes of exercise can help improve concentration and memory in young children.

There are countless studies out there that link cognitive performance and exercise, so make sure to get your body moving to improve your insane productivity.

5. Practice Meditation or Mindfulness

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Practicing meditation or mindfulness can also help to refocus you back to insane productivity if you’re starting to lose your way on your job hunt.

The University of Washington recently found that people who had meditation training were able to concentrate on tasks longer than people who had no meditation training. People who meditated also reported less stress and were less distracted.

Check out this great meditation guide from The New York Times so you can start practicing mindfulness every day of your job hunt.

6. Get Enough ZZZ’s

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Did you know that a lack of sleep costs the United States workforce $411 billion every year in lost productivity?

According to the non-profit organization RAND Europe, not getting enough sleep harms productivity on a massive national level.

A lack of sleep is bad for your health, too. It’s been found that people who sleep less than six hours a night have a 13 percent higher mortality rate than people who get between seven and nine hours of sleep.

Plus, everyone knows it’s hard to concentrate if you’re having trouble keeping your eyes open. Get enough sleep so that you can pursue your job hunt full-throttle.

7. Reward Yourself

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Job hunting can be really, really tough. Make sure you’re rewarding yourself with regular breaks and things that make you happy during your job search because you deserve it!

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