5 Steps to the Dream Job: Navigating the Application Process

If your current job just isn’t working out the way you thought it would, or you are a recent college graduate, finding a new job that is going to help you achieve your career goals and help you attain the quality of life you want may be your best next step. This process can seem quite daunting to some, but you will be up for the challenge if you know what to prepare for and heed some of our valuable advice for each of the 5 steps of the job search process.

Job Search Key
1.     Find the Job You Want

There are many places to look for the perfect job. Online job banks may be a good place to start, but these banks are generally over-saturated with job applicants. You might want to start instead by looking at companies that you are already somewhat familiar with. For example, you probably have friends and family members who love their jobs or the people they work with. Start by looking at the websites for these companies for position openings. The other benefit is that you have a foot in the door already by knowing someone within the company who may put in a good word for you.

2.     Perfect Your Cover Letter

Perfecting your cover letter may be one of those things that is easier said than done. Your cover letter should state more about the value you would add to the company and speak less about what the company can do for you and your career goals. Ultimately, every company wants to know that their employees and prospective employees are a good fit for the company and not necessarily the other way around.

3.     Craft a Resume

Take the time to customize your resume for each job to which you are applying. It may seem like a lot of extra work because it is. However, it will be well worth the extra time you took to make sure that your prospective employer knows that you want (and are qualified for) that job, not just any job.

Businesswoman Interviewing Male Candidate For Job
4.     Ace the Interview

Make sure that you get a good night’s rest the night before your interview. Avoid caffeine that can make you jittery and nervous. Many people flunk interviews simply because they think of an interview as an interrogation rather than as an opportunity. The interview part of the job-search process is a valuable opportunity to identify things that you and the company to which you are applying have in common. If you have enough things in common, you will likely get the job. Likewise, you might feel like it is not a good fit for you and might choose to move on to something else.

5.     Accept the Job

The final step in the process is to accept the job. If you are negotiating salary, benefits, travel, or anything else related to your position, make sure to get it in writing. You should never consider the job yours until you have all of the fine details in writing and signed by you and your employer.

Finding a job is a bit of a process but, when you think about it, something upon which your entire future depends should take some time. Make sure to give yourself time to do it right by being prepared for each step of the process.


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