Job Interview Tips

You have beaten the odds. Out of all the resumes they received, the company of your dreams has put yours in the “to be interviewed” pile. Now the ball is back in your court as you prepare for the ultimate face-to-face meeting. What can you do to continue to stand out from the rest? Here are some insider tips.

  • Do your homework. That means reading everything from quarterly and annual reports to company blogs. Write down things that stand out and don’t be afraid to bring them up in the interview.
  • Use an app to sweep your Facebook and Twitter feeds of posts that you would prefer your potential employer never sees. Spring break might have been really wild and crazy, but do you really want those pictures to be permanently burned on your interviewer’s retinas?
  • Make your story pop. When the interviewer says, “Tell me about yourself,” be prepared with more than a boring list of past jobs and qualifications. Go deeper; explain succinctly what brought you to this room at this time and why the job fits so perfectly into your life plan. Making a statement such as this requires preparation in advance. Write down your story statement and practice reciting it in a natural voice.
  • Craft three examples of a problem you encountered, how you solved it and what happened afterwards as a result. These gems will be available at a moment’s notice during your interview and will set you apart in your potential employer’s memory.
  • Come in with great questions. You’ll get a chance to do this at the end of the conversation. Make your inquiries thoughtful and let them speak to the amount of research you have done on the company. If possible, even interject a relevant piece of information about yourself.
  • Ask the killer final question. As brazen as it may seem, this one inquiry can make all the difference. Ask your potential future boss if there is anything you have said or not said that causes him or her to doubt that you are the right candidate for the position. Not only will you score points on your self-confidence, but also this may give the interviewer a chance to express a concern that you can then neutralize.
  • Your mother will be happy. Within 24 hours, send a personalized email to your interviewer. It’s a great way to remind him or her of who you are. What’s more, it gives them a readily available address to which they can reply, either now or even months later.

Landing a job is a complicated process, and you can’t control every aspect. However, preparing for the interview and going into the conference loaded and ready to impress are weapons you definitely do have in your arsenal. Use them well and wisely and you just might find yourself getting the job offer call you have been dreaming about.

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