4 Tips to Help You Have a Successful Interview

You have scored the interview of a lifetime for your dream job, and now all you have to do is ace the interview and land the job. Everyone knows that this hurdle is even tougher than it sounds, as there are undeniably several other prospective (and well-qualified) candidates also vying for the position. So how can you stand out above the rest and get the job? By heeding some good advice.
5 Tips to Help You Have a Successful Interview
There are several factors which contribute to a great interview and that allow you to make a good impression. That is why we have outlined a few tips to help you know what to expect for your interview and to prepare accordingly:
1. Be prepared to talk about yourself: For many people, this aspect of an interview is quite uncomfortable. However, the whole reason you are there for the interview to is sell your qualifications and explain why you are a good fit for the company. When given the opportunity, expound on what is written on your resume. As silly as you might feel, practice talking about yourself and your qualifications with someone you trust and whose opinion you value.
2. Ask a lot of questions: The more questions you have to ask prospective employers, the more you have to talk about and the more informed about a company you appear. However, these questions need to be prepared ahead of time, and should not be general questions that you can find out on the Internet. The more thoughtful and interesting the questions, the more prepared and invested in the company you will appear.

3. The details are important: Many novice interviewees neglect to pay attention to the little details, trusting chance or even fate to make it through the interview. If you want to make a positive impression and stick out in the minds of your potential employers, then you need to pay attention to the details! So what are these details? The names of those who will be interviewing you. Your body language and the mannerisms you bring into the interview. Sending a follow-up note and a thank you after your interview. Keeping in mind the little details will give you an edge over the competition.
4. Do your research: Research the company prior to your interview, and create a fact sheet of what the company stands for, their mission statement, and anything you can find that relates to the position you are interviewing for. This fact sheet is a study sheet for you so that you appear well-informed. In addition, prepare questions you have about the company so that you show a vested interest in the company.
5. Dress the part: You already know that you should dress up for your interview, but it can be difficult to find that perfect outfit. It is important to dress as if you already have the job. You should look classy and well-kept. Stick to conservative clothing; do not wear anything revealing or too flashy. It is a good idea to get a haircut a week or so before you have the interview, but don’t try anything new, just get a fresh look. Even though facial hair is in style right now, you should be well groomed for your interview.

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