How Important Are Internships for My Resume?

College students work hard for 4 years to attain a degree in their chosen field. From musicians to marketers, each student studies and works seemingly endless hours to become proficient, and possibly even an expert at whatever they choose to do. But, when it comes time for graduation, many students don’t know the next step to attaining a job in their chosen field. And for many types of majors, their advisors didn’t know what to do either—that is, until internships became increasingly popular. Internships have always been around and have apprenticeship. Today, there are many different types of internships available for students, varying from business to marketing to editing and even writing internships. And though not all will pay, they will all give invaluable experience and advice to students. But, not only is the experience invaluable: the ability to be able to list the internship on a resume is one of the most valuable things for college students on the job hunt. Though some internships are a bust and others are your favorite college experience, here are a few positives to working an internship during your college experience.

Hand holding a piece of paper with printed Internship on it.

Experience over Education

Employers are increasingly demanding experience over the education you receive. If you have a great college degree and you expect to receive a job offer just based on your education, you’ll be sorely mistaken regarding your job prospects. With an internship, you can show that you have experience in the field and that an employer valued your services in that field, even if all you did was run to get coffee.

Hiring Interns

Internships are not only great for the experience, but they can often lead to a great job. Many employers, especially big businesses, are on the lookout for new employees each year to fill new positions. Before these employers even start to go through the hundreds of applications received, they will first turn to prior interns because they already know their work ethic and the interns will already know what to expect with the company. Interns are great options as well because they already know the work culture and are more likely to stick around for longer because they know exactly what they are getting into and what’s expected of them.

College Credit

Not only are internships great for experience as well as getting a job in the future, but they can also provide something for the here and now. Though some will not pay, you can receive college credit for interning with a company. With this type of internship, you may be required to work with an advisor and even do a little homework of sorts, but the majority of the work will be directly related to what you are doing in school, otherwise you wouldn’t be receiving credit for it.

Experience the Field

Businessman Interviewing Female Candidate For Job

Another plus to experiencing an internship is the ability to get a great feel for what you would be doing if you did get a full time position. This is a great way to scope out the company and what they do and really be able to decide if you would be a right fit for a position like that. If someone experiences an internship, they are more likely to be able to decide early on that that is the field they would like to go into and pursue that type of position and stay with a job longer than if someone hadn’t experienced an internship.

Overall, internships are a great way to gain experience and skills and usually will be required to get a job in the competitive workforce of today. Be sure to look for online resume services when you are ready to apply to a job, or search for a free resume builder to help you make your experience look the best on paper.


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