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Fatal Resume Mistakes That’ll Cost You The Job

Your resume could make you…or break you. When creating or updating a resume, most job seekers focus on what they should include on their resume, but what you leave off of it is just as important.

Extremly Detail Oriented
Being detailed is a great skill to have, but unless your resume is 100% perfect, we don’t suggest drawing too much attention to that fact. Any spelling, formatting or grammatical error look twice as bad from someone boasting about noticing all the little details. (Also it’s extremely).

Relying on Spell Check
Speaking of being detailed…never, ever rely on spell check to do your proofreading dirty work. Yes, spell check is a great tool to catch obvious errors but it won’t catch things like using a correctly spelled, incorrect word (ex. Managed ill (all) the accounts) or some capitalization errors (ex. brooks hair and nails vs. Brook’s Hair & Nails).

One Resume – 20 Jobs
When it comes to your resume, one size does not fit all. Instead of blasting the same resume to 50 different jobs, narrow it down to a handful of jobs that you really want and create a specific resume for them. You don’t have to start from scratch for every different job, just ensure that the skills, requirements and tone of your resume stand out to match that of the job description.

Use the Requested File Format
Many job descriptions include instructions on how they would like you to apply. Make sure that you read through the job posting to see if the employer would prefer your resume in a specified file format. If it isn’t indicated, a safe bet is to send your resume as a PDF or Word file.

Duties vs. Accomplishments
One of the most critical mistakes you can make when writing your resume is simply listing duties from previous positions. It’s great that you ‘created client reports’ but it’s better that you ‘created 10 client reports per month that increased customer loyalty’. Look not only on what you did, but how it positively affected the company you worked for.

Lacking Specifics
Your resume should be short and too the point, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be detailed. For every accomplishment you list, you should quantify it, numbers are particularly eye-catching. This isn’t the time to be vague. For example, instead of writing ‘Managed and grew Facebook page’, write ‘Grew Facebook page engagement by 38% in 6 months’.

Not Including Keywords
Many companies and recruiting firms use an automatic scanner to search resumes for keywords related to the role they’re trying to fill. Go over the job description and take away the key points within it ‘ex. title, top skills and requirements’ and ensure your resume is keyword rich.

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