Do You Put Dean’s List on a Resume?

Do You Put Dean’s List on a Resume? | Tips, How-to & Examples |

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When you have just graduated from college and are first beginning your career, it can be helpful to focus on your academic accomplishments to showcase your skills and determination to employers. Mentioning that you consistently made the Dean’s list can be impressive and add value to your resume when done correctly. In this article, learn how to get the most out of your resume by presenting your achievements and the best way to highlight your academic successes.

When to include it

Making the Dean’s list requires a lot of effort and consistency, but it is most impressive when achieved during more than one semester. In fact, it is usually recommended to only list this achievement if you made it during all, or most, of your semesters.

Though there is some debate on this issue, and the choice is ultimately yours, it is a great way to show that you can consistently perform at a high level. Additionally, if you are entering the workforce for the first time or lack professional experience, adding the Dean’s list to your resume can demonstrate your work ethic and enhance your employability.

Where to list it

If you made the Dean’s list every semester while you were in college, list it in the education section of your resume, right next to your GPA. Most of the time, this information is redundant, and you can use just one of these details instead of both. In fact, a GPA is often far more indicative of your academic success.

If you made the Dean’s list only two or three semesters, list it in the awards and accomplishments section on your resume. Just make sure that you have other awards to add to this section with. If making the Dean’s list is your only accomplishment, you might consider eliminating this section.

When should you list other awards?

Though making the Dean’s list is a significant accomplishment that you should be proud of, it is sometimes viewed as unnecessary or even redundant by employers. More than seeing a list of every experience or accomplishment you have ever achieved, employers want to see only the most important and relevant information on your resume. If you were unable to consistently make the Dean’s list because of your commitment to other areas, it is wise to focus your resume highlights on those academic accomplishments instead.

Advantages for including Dean’s list on a resume

Here are some of the best reasons for including Dean’s list on your resume.

Indicates that you are a hard worker

Even if having a strong educational background is unnecessary for the position you are applying for, mentioning that you made the Dean’s list in college can show employers that you are a determined, ambitious, and organized individual.

Shows that you can perform well consistently

If you were able to make the Dean’s list several semesters in a row, it shows employers that you can perform at a high level for an extended amount of time.

Bolsters the credentials on your resume

When you lack professional experience, mentioning academic accomplishments like the Dean’s list is a great way to supply employers with information about your skills and work ethic.

Challenges associated with including Dean’s list on a resume

Here are some of the challenges for including Dean’s list on your resume.

Can indicate inconsistency

Making Dean’s list is always impressive, but this detail should be left off of your resume if you were unable to make the list consistently.

Clutters your resume

If your resume is already full of other details that are more relevant, adding the Dean’s list could take up valuable space.

May seem redundant

This achievement can seem unnecessary if you have ample experience or a great GPA over 3.5.

Tips for including Dean’s list on a resume

Here are some tips for adding Dean’s list to your resume in a way that is effective.

Incorporate it in the right section

Remember that your resume is similar to an ID. It provides employers and recruiters with all the necessary information so they can determine who you are and what kind of employee you would be. While crafting this narrative about yourself, you must keep in mind that placement is important. Choose a section that makes the most sense and develops your story.

Add relevant details

It is wise to expound on this accomplishment with important details like what institution you were attending when you made the Dean’s list. If you add this academic accomplishment to the education section, you will probably already include some other relevant information that will be helpful for employers, such as your major.

Include your GPA

Overall, your GPA is more descriptive than mentioning that you made the Dean’s list and should take precedence on your resume. If you list the Dean’s list in the education section of your resume, mention it right after you have provided your GPA.

Mention the number of semesters

When mentioning the Dean’s list on your resume, you need to quantify the achievement by providing the number of semesters that you made the list. Because institutions distribute this honor on a semester-by-semester basis, the more semesters that you achieved it, the more impressive it will be for employers.

Talk about the criteria

Every institution has different requirements for making the Dean’s list, with some being more stringent than others. That is why it’s helpful to detail the requirements students must meet to make it on the Dean’s list. If the criteria are especially high, it will be that much more impressive to employers.

Examples of Dean’s list included on a resume

Here are some examples for including Dean’s list on your resume.

Academic accomplishments in the ‘Education’ section

If you made the Dean’s list consistently during your academic career, consider placing this information in your Education section.

Example of Dean’s list included in the ‘Education’ section:


The University of Miami
Miami, FL
Bachelor of Arts, Major in English, Minor in Advertising

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.8
  • Dean’s list, all semesters
  • Study abroad at the University of Oxford for one semester
  • President, Ad Club

Dean’s list in the ‘Awards and accomplishments’ section

If you only made the Dean’s list two or three times in college, you can still place this detail on your resume by highlighting it in your ‘Awards and accomplishments’ section.

Example of Dean’s list included in the ‘Awards and accomplishments’ section:

Awards and accomplishments

  • Dean’s list at the University of Miami, three semesters
  • First place in a student poetry contest
  • Member of the English Honors Program

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