Sales Resume Summary Samples

A sales resume summary is meant to be a quick snippet of your resume, concisely highlighting your most important skills and qualifications. When applying for sales positions, think of your resume summary as a sales pitch for yourself. Use the summary to introduce yourself, but remember to keep it short and include keywords from the job description whenever possible.

Sales resume summary examples 

To get the most out of your sales resume summary, prioritize skills and background experience. You can mention some work experience, but skills and attributes should be at the forefront. Recognition and past successes, such as revenue increases, are also useful. To get a better idea of what a sales summary statement should look like, take a look at the following examples:

Senior sales summary

Example: Senior sales professional with over 25 years of experience providing assistance in office and storefront environments primarily within retail and electronics industries looking for new strategies to engage and inspire team members and customers.

This summary works because it shows off the extensive experience and skills of the applicant. Having drive and the desire to learn and improve are also present.

Sales summary without experience

Example: Sales professional with exceptional customer service and sales skills seeking to provide premier service to clients and up-sell products in person, over the phone and through email who possesses written and verbal communication skills and always strives for customer satisfaction.

Because this applicant lacks extensive formal experience, they highlight their skills. They also mention a variety of sales channels to show they want to sell on multiple fronts.

Customer-centric sales summary

Example: Sales manager focused on maximizing sales by properly managing accounts and building a loyal customer base who excels at addressing customer concerns and forwarding both long-term and short-term goals for the company and customers.

This summary focuses on the ability to establish and maintain relationships with customers, which is essential for many sales positions and highlights account management experience, a specialized skill.

Sales summary with formal recognition

Example: Motivated sales representative and member of the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Reps seeking to leverage 5 years of experience in medical and pharmaceutical sales to retain and recruit customers.

Short, concise and hits all the major points. Skills and formal recognition are highlighted, in addition to the goal to improve sales through retention and recruitment.

Ambitious sales summary

Example: Results-oriented sales representative with 6 years of experience, three as a sales manager, looking to leverage the knowledge of office supply sales and maintaining client relationships to exceed sales goals through ambitious strategies.

The applicant highlights their experience, skills and desires. They’re looking not only to meet goals, but to exceed them. This kind of sales summary can be effective, but make sure you can live up to the promise.

Career switch sales summary

Example: Sales representative with extensive experience as a customer relationship officer seeking to leverage skills in customer relations and communication to establish and maintain client relationships and meet sales goals for your software products.

Career switch summaries can be tricky, but this one highlights transferable skills and a clear intent about how the applicant will use those skills.

Career switch within company sales summary

Example:Motivated sales professional with five years of quality assurance experience seeking to leverage product knowledge and extensive communication skills to maintain client relationships and exceed sales goals to drive revenue.

This applicant is looking to switch roles within a company. Their experience in quality assurance grants them extensive knowledge of the product and, coupled with communication skills, makes them suitable for sales.

Cold call-focused sales summary

Example: Experienced sales professional with 15 years in the industry seeking to use customer service and communication skills to maintain client relationships and establish new ones through leads and cold calls to maintain a consistent success rate.

This experienced professional will go the extra mile making cold calls to push sales, an uncommon talent that this applicant has past success with.

Proven customer-focused sales summary

Example: Customer-focused sales representative looking to leverage a history of revenue increases by maintaining established client relationships and finding new ones.

The applicant highlights past successes in using sales skills to increase revenue, which clearly illustrates expected positive results for the employer.

Sales summary offering new leads

Example:Career sales professional seeking new challenges to drive sales with customer-oriented communication and service, in addition to bringing an array of contacts and leads.

This applicant is offering to bring their own leads, which can potentially benefit the employer even more than a new sales hire.

B2B sales summary

Example: Veteran sales professional with a history in B2B industries and a deep knowledge of IT services seeking to leverage customer service and technical skills to increase revenue for your company.

This summary depicts a career sales professional applying for an IT company that markets to other businesses. Specifying experience in B2B sales will set them apart from other candidates.

Marketing career switch sales summary

Example: Sales professional with six years of experience in marketing seeking to use knowledge of the sales funnel and product line to increase revenue from customers at every step of the process.

This former marketing professional is seeking a career switch to sales, and they highlight how their knowledge and skills are applicable to the sales process.

High-achieving sales summary

Example: Sales professional with seven years of experience seeking to leverage extensive customer service and negotiation skills to meet and exceed sales goals in a fast-paced and challenging environment.

This is a summary of an applicant looking for a challenge. It’s useful if applying for a position that has high goals and requires extensive work.

Managerial sales summary

Example:Motivated sales manager with four years of experience seeking to leverage the knowledge of products and customer service skills to motivate a team of sales professionals to exceed goals and increase revenue.

This summary for a sales manager position appropriately highlights experience, familiarity with the industry and a desire to lead with company profit in mind.