Nursing Resume Objective with Examples

As you apply for a nursing position, the hiring manager will want to learn about your goals and experience and how you will provide value to the position. The best way to communicate this is through your resume objective. It’s often the first impression the hiring manager will get of you when glancing at your resume, and it may influence their decision to keep reading and request an interview with you. This article showcases different resume objectives and explains why each one is an effective nursing resume objective.

What is a resume objective?

A resume objective is a short, targeted statement that appears at the top of your resume. It concisely outlines the direction you would like your career to take and demonstrates to an employer what benefit you can bring them. 

An impressive resume objective should describe your overall career goals and the type of position you’re seeking. It should also explain any skills you possess and how they may provide value to the position.

Nursing resume objective examples 

Below are examples of strong nursing resume objectives: 

RN resume objective examples 

Registered nurses should explain their career goals in relation to the employer’s values. These resume objectives best explain the applicant’s experience as a registered nurse and how they plan to apply it to future positions. 

Here are some effective examples:

Example 1: ‘Committed and motivated Registered Nurse seeking a position working with mental health patients. Providing my ability to handle high-stress, fast-paced situations and effective problem-solving skills.’

Example 2: ‘To obtain a position as a Registered Nurse in a clinical setting. Hoping to bring my extensive experience working with various medical and software tools to a growing and developing practice.’

Example 3: ‘Seeking a role with Montague Hospital as a Registered Nurse. Aiming to reach my goal of increasing efficiency and providing crisis management solutions to an emergency room setting.’

New graduate resume objective examples 

As a recent graduate, nursing applicants usually have limited knowledge in the medical field. They should communicate their experience using positive verbiage and show how they will use their eagerness to learn new skills in the medical environment. 

This is best demonstrated in the examples below:

Example 1: ‘Motivated nursing college graduate seeking a position in a clinical setting. Looking to bring my passion for helping people, willingness to learn new skills and advanced education to a private practice.’

Example 2: ‘College nursing graduate searching for a nursing position working with special needs children at Fontaine Hospital. Seeking to apply my four years of childcare and mental health education to a children’s hospital developing and shaping the minds of children.’

Example 3: ‘Enthusiastic beginner Nurse excited to apply my Bachelor of Science in Nursing to a fast-paced emergency room. Bringing my time-management and critical-thinking abilities to a hospital setting.’

Resume objective examples for a nurse with three or more years of experience

A nurse with extensive experience will want to detail this in their objective. Many nurses with extensive experience may aim for nursing roles in leadership, which they should express in their objective. 

The following objectives best portray the goals and skills of experienced nurses:

Example 1: ‘Driven and self-motivated professional Nurse searching for a leadership role in a hospital setting. Seeking a role to demonstrate my advanced motivational skills, dedication to efficiency and boosting morale of nursing staff.’

Example 2: ‘Hardworking Nurse with over three years of experience providing care to elderly patients in a variety of nursing homes. Aiming to provide this compassion and attention to detail at Silver Lives Community Center with a committed and passionate staff.’

Example 3: ‘To use teamwork and collaboration skills to lead a team of nurses and train them to provide compassion and understanding to their patients. Extensive skills in medical terminology and technology that I’m willing to teach to nursing staff.’

Resume objective examples for a nurse with clinical experience 

Some employers may search for nurses who have experience in a clinical setting. Your objective should state your experience in a clinical setting and how this will benefit the position you’re applying for. 

Each of these objectives explains their experience in a clinical environment and how it will be applied in future positions:

Example 1: ‘Efficient, experienced Clinical Nurse applying for a position within Harris OBGYN. Hoping to bring my vast knowledge of medical software and women’s health to maintain the clinic’s standards.’ 

Example 2: ‘To apply my personable and communication skills gained in six years in a clinical setting to a hospital environment. Bringing my dedication and compassion to patients while working in a fast-paced emergency room.’

Resume objective examples for a nurse with hospital experience 

Many nurses who work in a hospital setting will possess a strong knowledge of resolving issues in a fast-paced environment. Many nurses will explain this within their objectives and will demonstrate how this will help them in both a hospital and clinical practice setting. 

These objectives effectively portray hospital experience: 

Example 1: ‘Hard-working Nurse committed to bringing over five years of experience within a hospital setting to clinical practice. Seeking to apply the skills gained from working in an emergency room which include quick problem-solving skills and strong emotional intelligence.’ 

Example 2: ‘Professional Nurse seeking to take eight years of hospital experience and apply it to a teaching clinic. Hoping to use extensive experience to educate and motivate students on best practices when caring for patients.’

Resume objective for a nurse switching careers 

Switching careers can entail showing how your previous experience will relate and benefit the position you’re seeking. 

The nursing resume objectives below clearly explain their desire to switch to a new career and how their current skills can be applied to this position: 

Example 1: ‘Professional and experienced Home Health Aide seeking to expand my skills by pursuing a position as a Registered Nurse with South General Clinic. Planning to bring my attentiveness and knowledge of mental disabilities to an experienced practice.’ 

Example 2: ‘To obtain a position as a Registered Nurse after two years of serving as a Certified Medical Assistant. Bringing advanced knowledge of medical office environments and experience with caring for patients to Long Hospital.’

Example 3: ‘Educated Pharmacy Technician working to transition to Cardiac Nurse. Seeking to bring expert knowledge of medical and pharmaceutical drug terminology to treat and cure the health of patients’ hearts and bodies.’