How to List Marketing Skills on a Resume: Best Skills and Examples

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Listing your marketing skills on your resume is a way for employers to ensure you meet the minimum qualifications and to see how you compare to other candidates applying for the same position. It’s important to consider how you plan on displaying the relevant skills and qualifications on your resume. This article explains how to list the best marketing skills on your resume to show employers that you’re qualified for the role.

Why employers want to see marketing skills on your resume

Employers want to see marketing skills listed on your resume because it displays your qualifications for the role you’re applying for. For example, a marketing job posting might list interpersonal skills, negotiation skills and communication skills as necessary requirements for prospective employees. Employers will want to see these particular skills on your resume to ensure you have the ability to do the job well. 

How to list marketing skills on a resume

Here are the steps to take when listing marketing skills on your resume:

1. First, consider your marketing skills

Before you add your marketing skills to your resume, consider which of your skills meet the qualifications for the job you’re applying for. If it helps, make a list of your skills. Then, refer to the job posting to see what skills the employer wants for this role. It can also be helpful to research the company itself. From here, determine which of your skills are the most relevant. The more your skills match what the employer is looking for, the better chance you have of getting an interview.

2. Second, include your skills with a certifications section

If you have earned professional certifications, this is a great way to show hiring managers how you meet the qualifications necessary for a particular role. Listing your marketing certifications shows that your marketing skills have been verified and evaluated. Consider what certifications you have that are relevant to this role and list those in a separate section on your resume.

3. Third, include your marketing skills within your experience section

As you list your past positions under your experience section, be sure to include a concise description that details your responsibilities and marketing skills. For example, if you were recently a marketing manager, you would list the various duties you had while at that job along with the skills you used to perform them. 

4. Fourth, make a skills section for your resume

Having a skills section on your resume is a great way to address any of the skills you haven’t previously mentioned. This section is typically found near the bottom of a resume.

Best marketing skills to add to a resume

Here are some of the best marketing skills to add to your resume:

Sales skills

As a marketer, it’s important to know various sales techniques. This involves understanding proper customer service, how to effectively negotiate and overall product knowledge.

Communication skills

You should also be able to effectively communicate. It’s especially important to know how to verbally communicate. This is because you often interact and engage with a variety of consumers. In addition, it’s important to effectively communicate with other marketing team members.

Analytical skills

You’ll also need to have good analytical skills in order to understand what consumers are wanting or needing. Specifically, you should have strong, research-based analytical skills. This means you have the ability to draw conclusions based on this data. This involves the anticipation of whether or not certain strategies will prove effective. 

Creative skills

In order to be an effective marketing professional, you should display strong creative skills. In other words, this means you’re able to craft new ideas and develop new designs or concepts. The successful use of these skills with help draw in your audience.

Technology skills

It’s also important to have technology skills as you’ll be working with various software programs and will need to track how certain campaigns are performing. Depending on your company, you’ll be required to use a variety of different technology tools.

How to improve marketing skills

Here are a few ways to improve your marketing skills:

1. First, stay up to date with the latest marketing trends

As a marketing professional, it’s important that you stay current with the latest marketing trends. The more you understand new advancements in your field, the better asset to a company you’ll be.

2. Second, practice public speaking

Because marketers might spend a lot of time speaking in team meetings and presenting information to clients, it’s important to hone your skills in this area. Doing so will not only make you a better communicator but will help you become more comfortable speaking in front of groups, in general.

3. Third, put yourself in your audience’s shoes

It’s important to consider how your audience is viewing your marketing efforts. Consider giving your audience surveys to determine their sentiments. It’s also important to listen to their needs and wants and tailor your strategies toward that.

4. Fourth, use social media

As a marketing professional, you should consider utilizing social media to improve your skills. Keeping your company account up-to-date will help draw in new customers.