Top List of Resume Essentials

Think of your resume as the paper or electronic version of your best friend and supporter. You know who we’re talking about, the guy or girl who supports you all the way and says glowing words of praise about you to everyone who will listen. The more your human ally knows about you, the more accurate his accolades will be, and the same is true about your resume. Here are five elements to include in your resume that will make it a terrific ambassador on your behalf.

  1. Make sure your contact information is appropriate and correct. Don’t provide a cell phone number that you never answer or furnish an email address that should have been left behind when you graduated from college. If possible, open an email account specifically dedicated to your job search and choose your email account address with this in mind. is much better than Use the same rule to apply to your voice mail message, which should be concise and professional.
  2. Think carefully about your resume’s title. No, “Resume” isn’t good enough. Instead, tailor your title to the exact job you are seeking. These days, the more you customize your approach to fit the company’s needs, the better are your odds of landing the position.
  3. Craft your objective statement to mirror the job at hand, as well as your more long-term goals. It helps to look carefully at the job description and then neatly fit your talents and experience into it.
  4. Toot your own horn. Even if this is your first professional position, you have already amassed significant abilities and skills. If you have been praised for balancing a budget, increasing revenue, being conscientious, scooping ice-cream faster than anyone else at the shop or otherwise getting positive customer feedback, make it known. Anyone can spout off a long list of talents. Set yourself apart from the talkers by actually showing how your abilities were noticed and how they made a difference.
  5. Appearance matters. It is just as important that your resume creates a professional impression as it is that you dress for success when going to your job interview. Design your resume with a clear, concise and easy-to-read format and font. Make sure that all spelling and grammar are correct and that every word counts. If you have doubts about the impression your resume might make, take it to your local career center or invest in a consultation with a career professional.

Once you have given your document the consideration and polish it deserves, you’re ready to distribute it to potential employers. You can send it out, secure in the knowledge that it will be an accurate and impressive mouthpiece that will communicate who you are and why the job is a perfect match with your goals and skills. That’s all you can do; now the ball is in their court.