Best List of Verbs For Resumes

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A resume might be a requirement when you’re applying for a new position, but it also gives you the opportunity to highlight your work experience. Because resumes are expected to be only a page or two in length, it is helpful to draft it in a way that highlights your most relevant experience. You can highlight your experience and skills by choosing the most actionable verbs. Learn from these popular resume verbs to impress potential employers.

Why is using resume verbs important?

Using actionable verbs that demand attention is important because they make your resume stand out against competitors. They also highlight your most relevant skills as they relate to the position you are applying for. Verbs have the ability to describe specific tasks in a way that helps the reader understand. Resume verbs also allow your skills to stand out even when the reader is quickly scanning your resume. Because you are attempting to grab the attention of the reader, you want to use verbs that are descriptive and powerful.

Best leadership resume verbs

Verbs are a powerful way to demonstrate leadership capabilities and skills. 

The following verbs can be used for leadership tasks:


‘Appointed’ refers to making an important decision. It demonstrates problem-solving and decision-making skills in a career setting.

Example: Appointed new director of technology to manage the team of computer technicians.


‘Established’ refers to organizing and creating something. It demonstrates skills of planning and project management.

Example: Established a new process for measuring and determining the success of the team’s marketing materials.


‘Managed’ identifies that you held a previous management position. It determines skills of leadership and management.

Example: Managed a team of 18 IT technicians while overseeing their day-to-day progress.


‘Hired’ also identifies a management position. It shows that you are capable of finding and hiring new employees.

Example: Hired all office and support staff while ensuring that the organization was fully staffed at all times.


‘Negotiated’ highlights a candidate’s skills in negotiation. Negotiation skills are often necessary when working in a sales or management position.

Example: Negotiated lower interest rates for my clients at a record decrease.


‘Oversaw’ is another word for leading or managing. When a candidate has overseen a team or department, it identifies that they have had previous leadership experience.

Example: Oversaw the finance department, keeping track of project goals and progress.


‘Recommended’ also identifies management or authority in the workplace. It shows a hiring manager that you were not only able to give recommendations but that your recommendations were heard and implemented.

Example: Recommended a marketing relaunch that led to a significant increase in brand awareness and consumer visits.


‘Improved’ points to your ability to identify a problem and then take the necessary steps to improve on it. Employers want to hire a candidate who will add value to their company.

Example: Improved the company’s hiring and training process that cut costs by over 18%.

Best resume verbs for achievements

Verbs can also assist you in demonstrating professional achievements. 

Highlight your achievements with the following verbs:

  • Accomplished
  • Developed
  • Finalized
  • Produced


Using ‘accomplished’ not only identifies that you took action to make changes but that you succeeded in doing so.

Example: Accomplished certifications in all IT programs including Google, Project Management Professional, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert and Certified Information Security Manager.


‘Developed’ is a great word to use for new skills that relate to the open position. You can also use it when describing that you managed a team’s skills.

Example: Developed strong communication and interpersonal skills while meeting with team members on a regular basis.


‘Finalized’ demonstrates your skills in project completion. This powerful verb brings attention to your ability to follow through with a project.

Example: Finalized all marketing budget plans for 2019 well before the end of quarter two.


‘Produced’ is an effective verb to use when listing additional accomplishments. Producing something means that you are adding value to the company.

Example: Produced detailed reports of year-over-year buying trends that contributed to the marketing team’s ability to adjust their marketing strategy.

Best teamwork resume verbs

Teamwork is an in-demand skill that can be identified with the following verbs:


Communication skills are crucial in many industries. Using the verb ‘communicated’ on your resume draws attention to your developed communication skills.

Example: Communicated store level challenges to the executive team so they could better understand operational challenges in the company.


‘Collaborated’ demonstrates not only teamwork but also collaborative teamwork. When you collaborate with your team, you are able to combine everyone’s insight and use it to complete a task.

Example: Collaborated with the executive team when determining where to spend the majority of the training budget.


‘Reported’ demonstrates your ability to report useful information to the appropriate person or department. Many positions require reporting to identify what is working and what needs improvement.

Example: Reported student accomplishments and classroom challenges to parents during parent-teacher conferences.


Presentation skills are also useful to include on a resume. Previous experience presenting reports and other information can make you a stronger candidate.

Example: Presented the company training budget to the franchise owners at the annual meeting.

Best industry-specific resume verbs

Some verbs can be used in specific industries to demonstrate work-related experience. 

Here are a few of the best industry-specific resume verbs you can use:

Technical verbs

These verbs demonstrate specific technical experience. Words like coded, automated, networked and programmed refer to specific industry tasks that are relevant in the information technology industry.

Example: Programmed all HTML coding to improve the client’s website speed and user-friendliness.

Research verbs

Many medical and scientific industries require strong research skills. Using verbs like analyzed, tested, identified and measured, you can demonstrate your previous experience with research.

Example: Analyzed all data while identifying common trends in preparation of reporting to our team leaders.

Teaching verbs

Teachers can use verbs like mentored, critiqued, developed and evaluated when describing teaching-related experience.

Example: Mentored middle school students in our after-school German language club.

Helping verbs

Helping professionals such as counselors, social workers, nurses and home care workers can use verbs like counseled, eased, assisted and advised when describing these experiences.

Example: Counseled clients in a school setting to overcome academic and home life difficulties.