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When applying to retail jobs, it’s crucial to create a resume that shows employers your customer service skills and experiences. It’s important to make your resume stand out by customizing your resume to the specific retail job you’re applying to. In this article, learn how to write a retail resume so that employers will recognize you as a qualified candidate.

What is a retail resume?

A retail resume is a one-page document that shows employers your previous retail job experience and qualifications. It should be directly related to the retail job you’re applying to. Include skills and job experience that would make you a qualified person for the retail position.

How to write a retail resume

Here are the steps to follow when writing a retail resume:

1. First, choose your resume format

Before starting your retail resume, you need to decide what resume format you want to use. If you have previous retail experience, use a chronological resume. This is when you have your work experience in reverse chronological order at the top and your skills at the bottom of your resume. If you have little to no retail experience, choose a functional or combination resume. A functional resume focuses on your skills, and a combination resume focuses on both your skills and job experience.

2. Second, write a summary or objective

A summary is two to three sentences that describe your relevant work experience. Write a summary if you have a lot of retail work experience. An objective is two to three sentences describing what goals you want to achieve at your new job. Write an objective if you have little to no retail work experience. When writing either a summary or an objective, you should always relate them to the retail position you’re applying to.

3. Third, list your job experience

If you choose a chronological format, this will be the emphasis of your resume. If you choose a different format, you can still list any relevant job experience or find ways to make your other experiences relate to the job you’re applying to.

When reading through a job description, find keywords that you could use in your resume. Try to use these keywords in both your job history bullet points and your skill section. Applicant tracking systems look for specific keywords. Include them in your resume so that you can progress in the application process.

4. Lastly, include relevant skills

Along with using keywords from the job description, look at similar job postings to find any other keywords you could use for your skills section. Many retail employers are looking for candidates who can provide quality customer service and have a positive attitude.

Best skills to include in a retail resume

When filling out the skills section of your retail resume, consider including these retail skills if you have them:

Customer service

Customer service is the most important skill someone in retail should have. Show employers that you are willing to help customers and make their shopping experience a pleasant one.


Customers should feel welcomed when they enter a store. A qualified retail employee will warmly greet customers and treat them kindly. These people skills make customers want to return to the store regularly.


Though a lot of the math is done on the POS system, retail employees should have basic math skills to make transactions go faster. This means being able to quickly do math in your head and give change.


One important part of retail is creating a space that customers want to be in. This means merchandise needs to be displayed neatly, with items organized and folded if applicable. A qualified retail employee should be able to organize merchandise and keep the store looking clean and neat.

POS systems

When working with money, you will most likely use a point-of-sale system. Though prior experience with a POS system isn’t usually necessary, listing this skill on your resume can make you stand out among other candidates. This way, employers know they will spend less time training you on the job.

Positive attitude

Businesses want employers that are upbeat, energetic, and always have a positive attitude. By having a positive outlook at work, you can encourage your coworkers to do the same and help customers feel comfortable and welcome.


As a retail employee, customers may come to you with a concern or question. It’s your responsibility to come up with a solution that will make the customer happy. Depending on how busy the store is, you may need to be able to work calmly under pressure.


Many retail roles require you to try to increase the store’s sales. Show employers that you can persuade customers to buy more with your people skills. Someone who excels at sales is comfortable talking to customers and helping them with their shopping. Oftentimes, retail positions involving sales are paid through commission, so to make more, you need to be a skilled salesperson.


As a retail employee, you will work on a team of other sales associates, cashiers or managers. It’s important that you can effectively collaborate in a team setting and work well with others. There will be time between helping customers where you and your coworkers will need to set up merchandise displays, put away returned items or do light janitorial duties.

Time management

When there is a huge influx of customers, a retail employee needs to get everyone through the line in a timely manner. By working efficiently and quickly, customers will be more satisfied with their experience in the store.

Retail resume template

Here is a general retail resume template to get you started:

[Your name]
[Your address]
[Your phone number]
[Your email address]

[Two to three sentences about your relevant work experience]

Employment History
[Business name]
[Job title]
[dates of employment]

  • [Bullet point outlining job duties]
  • [Bullet point outlining job duties]
  • [Bullet point outlining job duties]


  • [Relevant skill]
  • [Relevant skill]
  • [Relevant skill]
  • [Relevant skill]
  • [Relevant skill]


  • [School name], [Location]; [GPA if over 3.5]

Retail resume example

Here is an example of a retail resume:

Devon Elliot
511 Churchill Lane
Madison, WI 53701


Personable and energetic customer sales associate with over three years of experience in clothing retail. Skilled in providing quality customer care, creating window displays, and working calmly under pressure.

Employment History

Customer Sales Associate
January 2017 – February 2019

  • Provided quality customer service, answering an average of 10 customer calls per shift
  • Handled cash and credit transactions, totaling $10,000 per shift
  • Created window displays attracting customers to deals and promotions

Buy More
December 2015 – December 2016

  • Provided quality customer service, helping customers with any questions they have or any assistance they need.
  • Handled cash and credit transactions, counted the cash register drawer at the end of every shift.
  • Organized and folded clothing, making merchandise presentable to customers.


  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Inventory management
  • POS systems
  • Positive attitude


  • St. Martin High School, Madison, WI; 3.6 GPA

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