How to List Sales Representative Skills on a Resume: Best Skills and Examples

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Sales representatives are present in most industries, and many sales skills can be cultivated through on-the-job training or volunteer work. If you are seeking a new job as a sales representative, you may consider editing your resume and adding soft skills that can help you land a job in sales. Read this article to learn about some good sales representative skills to add to your resume.

Why employers want to see sales representative skills on your resume

Sales representatives are typically important employees when it comes to direct influence on sales revenue. They interact with customers and help them make suggestions about what they should buy. Because of the importance of this position, employers search for individuals with the best skills on their resumes. If you are interested in standing out as a sales representative, you should include the most relevant skills you have on your resume.

How to list sales representative skills on a resume

Here are some steps you can follow to list sales representative skills on your resume:

1. First, pick out some keywords from the job description of the position you’re applying for

The first thing you should do when listing your skills is to read over the job description to find the exact skills an employer is looking for. Those skills are typically represented by keywords. You can also search for common keywords for sales representative positions in whatever industry you’re applying for. Common keywords include ‘customer service’ and ‘communication’ for many sales positions.

2. Then, list the skills you have that are most relevant to the job description

Once you know what the position requires, you should list the most relevant skills you have. To determine if a skill is relevant, consider how you would apply it to the job if you get hired. If you can’t think of an application for it, consider leaving it out. That way, you have a concise list that demonstrates your best skills. 

3. Next, prioritize your skills that are most directly used with the job

Customer service skills are just as important as customer relationship management (CRM) skills for many sales positions. In fact, they’re often used together. Many employers prioritize soft skills over hard skills, and although you may be unfamiliar with the particular CRM program that a company uses, it’s something you can easily learn on the job. List skills, such as customer service skills or interpersonal skills, that help you to be successful in your position as a sales representative. 

4. Finally, make your list as concise as possible without losing content

If your list is short with only two or three skills, look at the job description and relevant industry keywords again to discover skills you hadn’t previously considered. If your list seems too long, think about which skills are least relevant, and condense skills that essentially mean the same thing, such as collaboration and teamwork.

Best sales representative skills to add to a resume

When filling out your skills list, be sure to include these sales representative skills if you have them:

Customer service

For a sales representative, customer service encompasses a wider variety of skills than it would for a simple retail position. You have to know how to listen and solve customer problems, but when you’re a sales representative, those problems and their solutions can be quite complex. Relationship-building, negotiation and customer analysis are always useful to include on your skills list, in addition to general customer service abilities.


You usually use communication skills for effective customer service, but this can extend beyond interaction with clients. For example, you may reach out to other members of the company to find answers to customer questions and concerns. You should have both written and verbal communication skills to use among your colleagues as well as with clients.

Product knowledge

To sell a product effectively, you should have extensive knowledge about it. This will require a bit of research on your part, but knowing the exact benefits and features of the product can help you be a more effective salesperson. You should also know how your product is better from the competition. 

Time management

Sales representatives should be productive by sorting through leads and choosing the best ones to follow up with. It is important for representatives to use their time wisely and make the most of their work hours to bring in the best leads and close deals. 

How to improve sales representative skills

Here are some steps you can follow to improve your sales representative skills:

1. First, focus on solutions rather than sales

When you go into a sales exchange with a customer, your focus shouldn’t be selling them the product. Instead, focus on how you can solve their problems. Your product is a solution to their issues, so work on active listening in order to properly identify their problems that your product can solve.

2. Second, think from the buyer’s perspective

To be an effective sales representative, look at the situation from the buyer’s perspective. When you understand their motivation for seeking your product, you’ll be in a much better position to offer what they want. 

3. Third, practice your skills so you can be prepared for your next sale

The best way to make a sale is to gather information about the customer beforehand to use in your negotiation. If you’re pitching to a business, perform some research on the company website to learn more about their needs and culture. This can help you prepare a more tailored, effective script. Role-playing various sales situations with other sales representatives is a great way to practice and develop your skills.