How to List Office Assistant Skills on a Resume | Best Skills and Examples

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If you’re applying for a role as an office assistant or similar position, there are certain skills and qualifications that an employer will be looking for on your resume. This includes a mix of hard and soft skills that are required to successfully perform the role. With the current job market being more competitive than ever, it’s important to showcase the right skills on your resume to stand out from the pack and give yourself the best chance at success. This article shows you how to list relevant office assistant skills on a resume with examples and gives you a list of the best office assistant skills and how you can improve your own.

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How to list office assistant skills on your resume

Here are three ways to list office assistant skills on your resume:

1. First, create a designated ‘Skills’ section

To showcase your skills in an easy-to-read way, create a subheading on your resume titled ‘Skills’ and list your most relevant skills in a bullet-point format. Place this section near the top of your resume so it’s one of the first things a hiring manager will see.

2. Second, include skills in descriptions of your work experience

Hiring managers like to see how you’ve used your skills in previous roles, so use your ‘Work Experience’ section to demonstrate this. For example, if you’ve listed ‘Switchboard experience’ as a skill, you might demonstrate this in your work history by stating: ‘Managed a busy switchboard for over 500 employees.’

3. Third, don’t forget to write a cover letter and submit it with your resume

Your cover letter is a useful tool to highlight your skills. Pick out your top three most relevant office assistant skills and showcase them in your cover letter to explain to the hiring manager that you’re the ideal candidate.

Best office assistant skills to add to a resume

Here are some of the best skills to add to your resume when applying for an office assistant role:

  • Client relations. Office assistants typically deal with clients on a daily basis via a range of channels such as over the phone, by email or face-to-face. In some circumstances, you may be the first person a client interacts with at your company, so a friendly demeanor and a client-centric outlook will be among the top attributes a hiring manager will be looking for.
  • Communication skills. Similarly, good communication skills are important in your role as an office assistant. You’ll often find yourself in situations where you have to deal with clients, colleagues or managers at varying degrees of seniority, and being able to communicate confidently and effectively with everyone will ensure your success in the role.
  • Managing a switchboard. Previous experience in managing a switchboard or answering a high volume of calls can often be advantageous when applying for an office assistant role. If this is listed in the job description, it’s in your best interest to highlight it in your resume. Be sure to showcase your experience and match the terminology from the job description. For example, if the job description calls for ‘previous experience operating a switchboard,’ you might list ‘three years’ experience operating a switchboard’ in your resume.
  • Attention to detail. This is an important skill in the workplace, particularly in relation to written communication. Office assistants are often responsible for drafting emails, writing corporate documents and data entry. Good attention to detail will ensure no typos or mistakes make their way into important documents.
  • Time management. Organization is a key skill for an office assistant. This involves managing your time and prioritizing tasks in order to meet deadlines and keep the office running smoothly. A hiring manager will be interested to see examples of your time management skills in your resume.
  • Technical skills. A sound technical ability is often required for an office assistant position. This includes being computer-literate and having a broad knowledge of popular programs such as Microsoft Office. By listing your technical skills and familiarity with specific software programs on your resume, you’ll showcase your capabilities and expertise to the hiring manager.
  • Confidentiality. As an office assistant, you will likely be handling confidential documents, answering phone calls for other people and sometimes accessing private emails. Therefore, trustworthiness and discretion are important attributes that are worth highlighting on your resume.

How to improve your office assistant skills

Here are four simple ways to improve your office assistant skills:

1. First, learn new software programs to keep your technical skills current

A great way to improve your office assistant skills is by dedicating time to learn how to use a new software program. Not only will you expand your skill set and impress an employer, but you’ll also have another skill to add to your resume as you grow your career.

2. Second, pay attention to details to establish high standards for your work

Whether you’re sending an important email or drafting a document, it’s good practice to remember to set aside time to proofread before hitting ‘send.’ Getting into the habit of checking your work will ensure you consistently produce a high standard of work.

3. Then, track your time to become more productive at work

A useful tip to improve your skills and productivity is to track how long it takes you to complete various tasks. By doing this, you’ll be able to identify which tasks are the most time-intensive, so you can start to strategize more efficient ways of getting them done.

4. Finally, speak to other office assistants in your network

It often helps to speak to others who are in the same role as you. Whether they’re colleagues or friends, or whether they work at the same company as you or somewhere else, people who share your passion for the position are a great source of information that can help you reflect on your own work style and improve any areas that may not be working so well.