How to Write an Engineering Resume Objective with Examples

Engineering is a growing field with new opportunities to explore daily. When applying for a job in an engineering field, your resume should be customized to highlight your experience and education as an engineer. In this article, learn more about the objective statement for an engineering resume so you can structure your own resume for an engineering job.

Why focus on your engineering resume objective?

A good resume objective is important to advertise your skills as they apply to the role and company to which you are applying. It’s important to focus on your resume to ensure you put forward a customized but brief assortment of skills and experience that demonstrate how you are a fit for the role. Evidence suggests that recruiters spend only seconds glancing through each candidate resume to determine who moves forward. A strong objective statement makes you instantly more marketable as a potential employee.

Example resume objectives for engineers

Here are several types of engineering professions and resume objective examples:

Example resume objectives for environmental engineers

Environmental engineers should possess the qualities of an imaginative inventor. These are people who generate new ideas to solve environmental issues. They need to be creative, analytical, good at problem-solving, have strong interpersonal skills and be excellent at verbal and written communication as well as comprehension. When writing a strong objective statement touch on these qualities and experience that makes you the best fit for the job.

Examples of objective statements for environmental engineers:

  • A strong leader and communicator, I am seeking a role at the Environmental Protection Agency because my ability to analyze and make decisions with large quantities of data only rivals my unbridled creativity.
  • My passion for environmental engineering has been reflected through my decades-long career as an environmental engineer for multiple government agencies and private entities. I’m seeking employment at Bright Star Conservation because I believe my problem-solving skills can make a global difference.
  • With a knack for written and verbal communication, I clearly orchestrate, design and communicate solutions that will enhance the product at Varig Recyclable Plastics.
  • I bring with me 8 years of experience in environmental engineering and look forward to using my creative invention and strong problem-solving skills to create great things at Sebring Environmental.

Example resume objectives for computer engineers

Computer engineers develop hardware and software systems that propel forward business and personal technology. Often computer engineers work for large organizations to create platform software and digital consumer products that enhance the lives of customers. For this reason, computer engineers must be good at things like software development, math, collaboration and problem-solving. They must be good communicators who can work on enterprise project teams and diligent troubleshooters who understand things like testing.

Examples of objective statements for computer engineers:

  • With 7 years of experience in software development and education in math and science, I bring skills like knowledge of development principles and strong communication to the role of computer engineer at Hardy Bros. Rocket Launchers.
  • I’m a professional software engineer with a decade of experience in enterprise software development and excellent problem-solving and communication skills. For this reason, I would be an asset to the role of computer engineer at Facet.
  • A graduate of UCLA with a degree in computer engineering, I have 4 years of experience working in the field during which time I developed strong communication and programming skills I will transfer to a role at Curley Bank.
  • Problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity are all skills I embody as a computer engineer. If hired at Marshall Corp I’ll demonstrate leadership as I do with the project teams I currently manage.

Example resume objectives for mechanical engineers

Mechanical engineers design hardware and other electrical machines. They are skilled fabricators that understand the mechanics of electricity and how it is used to power devices. Mechanical engineers must have strong technical skills, as well as problem-solving, math, communication and interpersonal skills, creativity and more. Highlight the skills that make you a good fit for the role when you complete your objective.

Examples of mechanical engineer objective statements:

  • As a candidate, I am capable of performing mechanical engineering design tasks, and I’ll infuse them with creativity and software knowledge. I’m proficient at interpreting component specs, communicating and using relevant software to complete projects by the deadline.
  • With 10+ years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering, I’m looking forward to working with Parks and Recreation Equipment, where I hope to use my skills in CAD modeling and using PRO-R/CREO.  
  • I graduated cum laude with a BSME, and have worked in the field for 5+ years. I’m an experienced and innovative mechanical engineer who will bring my passion for design to your business to create one-of-a-kind, practical products for your customers.
  • Candidate with experience working as a mechanical engineer for a global enterprise organization, seeking employment with Watercrest & Co. Energy Company. As a mechanical engineer, I bring creative problem-solving, strong mathematical competency and a flair for design.

Example resume objectives for civil engineers

Civil engineers design and build things like roads, dams, bridges and city blocks. As such, skills a civil engineer should embody include analytical skills, problem-solving, analytical skills, leadership, creativity, negotiation and other professional business skills. They must have a strong handle on math and measurement, and basic critical thinking skills, too. If you’re prepping your objective as a civil engineer, you will want to ensure you highlight the appropriate skills and experience to get selected for an interview.

Examples of objective statements for civil engineers:

  • 6+ years of experience in civil engineering and PE-certified, I bring with me the experience and education needed for the job at the City of Seattle. 
  • Looking to work as a civil engineer on a contract for the federal government. With 20+ years of experience and excellent problem-solving and leadership skills, I feel like I would be an asset in the role.
  • Seeking an entry-level position as a civil engineer with Royal Contracting Company, I’ll bring skills obtained from the hands-on education at NYU.
  • As a contractor for Dark Seal Global, I hope to use my attention to detail to ensure safe and compliant engineering in oil development.