How to Write an Electrician Resume Objective With Examples

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Creating a clear objective for your electrician resume shows an employer that you have the skills and education needed for the job. An electrician resume objective should reflect the responsibilities and duties of a successful electrician. This article explains how to write an objective for an electrician resume so that you can highlight traits such as your technical knowledge while presenting your career goals.

What is an electrician resume objective?

An electrician resume objective is a short, focused statement that outlines your career goals as an electrician. It also gives you the opportunity to show an employer your interest in the job and introduce your expertise in the field. An electrician resume objective is useful because it shows that you have specialized skills as an electrician, for example, in wiring, circuitry and problem-solving that are necessary to excel in this role. 

What electrician skills can you include in a resume objective?

Here are some useful skills to include in an electrician resume objective:

  • Organization. Demonstrate your ability to organize tools and keep them in good working order
  • Interpersonal skills. Exhibit the willingness and capability to communicate effectively with vendors and clients
  • Knowledge of contract law. A thorough understanding of contracting law  is necessary to work with contracts and federal, state and local laws that affect building codes and electrician work
  • Knowledge of more than one language. Being fluent in another language can lead to opportunities to work with diverse clients and coworkers
  • Teamwork. Having the ability to work with others as a team is essential to finishing projects on time
  • Basic construction skills. Knowledge of basic construction work is helpful as an electrician because it can help you understand how electrical circuitry fits with construction
  • Electrical installation. Knowing how to install electrical components such as switching devices, tubing, cables and conduits is essential for an electrician
  • Blueprint reading. The ability to read blueprints during construction is important because electricians must know where to place wires
  • Manual dexterity. The ability to work with thin wiring and in tight spaces during electrical work is important when ensuring all work is being performed accurately
  • Problem-solving. Problem-solving skills are essential when dealing with electrical issues that may arise on a daily basis
  • Flexibility. Electrical work is usually done on a contractual basis, which requires flexibility in scheduling
  • Basic math. Basic math skills are needed when recording measurements and negotiating prices with clients
  • Customer service. Strong customer service skills can help you provide your clients with an easy and satisfying experience

How to write an electrician resume objective

Here are some steps you can follow when writing the objective for your electrician resume:

1. Firstly, research the company so you can customize your objective

Research what the company does and what sort of projects they specialize in. When applying to an electrician or construction company, find out whether they work on multifamily, single-family, office or other building types. You can also ask if they hire on a full-time, contract or part-time basis for their company. Do your research through the company’s website and social media. If possible, considering also speaking with former and current employees about the company and its culture.

2. Then, state your qualifications for the role

State the qualifications that make you the right fit for the job, such as how many years you’ve worked in the field and what skills you would bring to the company. Focus on using the keywords in the job posting to show the employer that you can fulfill their needs.

3. Next, mention the company’s name

In your resume objective, be sure to state the name of the hiring company to help show that you’ve personalized your resume for the job. For example, you could say ‘Detail-oriented electrician with five years of experience seeks the opportunity to work with Mountain View Construction as a full-time electrician.’

4. Finally, remember to limit your objective to one or two sentences

Make sure your objective is one or two sentences, such as, ‘Electrician with five years of apartment wiring experience seeks position with Surge Electric.’ A succinct objective for your resume is more likely to catch a hiring manager’s attention.

Examples of electrician resume objectives

Here are some examples of electrician resume objectives:

  • ‘Electrician with five years of experience setting conduit pipes and tubing in walls and partitions seeks position as part-time electrician with Bright Company for temporary work.’
  • ‘Electrician with eight years of experience installing and repairing apartment wiring seeks full-time employment with Davis and Family.’
  • ‘Electrician with four years of experience maintaining motors, generators and transformers seeks a position with Hydropower, Inc.’
  • ‘Licensed electrician with nine years of experience with circuits and wiring of appliances seeks part-time position with High Voltage, LLC as a journeyman electrician.’
  • ‘An electrician with one year of experience seeks position as an apprentice at Quorum Electrical Company to build skills in the construction industry. Uses a range of electrical testing tools and equipment for work.’
  • ‘Electrician with nine years of experience with team management in multifamily and office electrical construction seeks work as a team manager for Genius Electric, Inc.’
  • ‘Electrician with five years of experience repairing and maintaining high-voltage systems seeks position with Eagle Eye Electric for a full-time position leading to a supervisor role.’
  • ‘Experienced electrician with five years of experience in setting up computer electrical systems seeks a position at Advanced Electric Company.’
  • ‘Driven electrician with three years of experience seeks a position at Filament Company to work full-time with a focused career goal of achieving supervisory roles in the company.’
  • ‘Electrician with five years of electrical experience seeks an opportunity to work in the power plant in the municipality of Bend, Oregon, with a focus on advanced circuitry and clean energy.’
  • ‘Electrician with six years of complex wiring for security companies and three years of consistent electrical supervision of a team of five employees. Seeking a position as an electrical security supervisor with Land and Sea Security.’
  • ‘Motivated and detail-oriented electrician with eight years of experience and notable customer service skills seeks a position with Abacus Company to pursue a senior electrician and supervisor role.’
  • ‘Knowledgeable electrician with seven years of experience seeks a full-time supervisory position at Full Power.’
  • ‘Electrician with two years of experience eager to perfect skills in tubing and cable repair seeks part-time role with Home Electric Solutions.’
  • ‘Licensed electrician of five years with experience in private home and multi-level office building settings seeks electrician position with Edison Electric.’