How to Describe Job Experience on a Delivery Driver Resume

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If you are a delivery driver who wants to apply for a new position, you need to ensure that you have a well-crafted and updated resume. As a delivery driver, the most important part of your resume is the ‘Experience’ section, as it provides recruiters with important information with regard to your skills and experience as a delivery driver. Learn how you can add your delivery driver experience to your resume to get an employer’s attention.

Why is job experience important on a delivery driver’s resume?

As a delivery driver, you should pay particular attention when drafting the ‘Experience’ section of your resume. Although some recruiters may require that delivery drivers have a high school diploma or GED, most of them are more interested in your experience. Information that recruiters may be looking for includes a clean driving record, the ability to drive in various weather and traffic conditions, a client-focused approach, good time management and experience taking payments. When adding your work experience, you should take care to include all the necessary information to demonstrate that you are an efficient, trustworthy and experienced driver.

How to write a delivery driver job experience description

When adding your job experiences on your resume, here are a few guidelines you can keep in mind:

1. First, add all the relevant information

You should add the following information with each job experience entry:

  • Job title. Be specific when adding job titles for the various positions you held, as it provides recruiters with a clear picture of the experience you have. For instance, you should state ‘Food delivery driver’ or ‘Small package delivery driver,’ as opposed to ‘Delivery driver.’
  • The company you worked for and the location. You should add the full name of the company you worked for and the location. You can usually list the city and state for the location. 
  • Dates. You also need to add the start and end date for each position you held. Typically, you need to supply the month and year. For instance, ‘May 2017 – December 2019.’ The most common way to add job experience on a resume is to start with your most recent job first, then work your way back. 
  • Bulleted list of responsibilities and achievements. You should list all the most important responsibilities you had in the position, and should also mention notable achievements or any awards or prizes you received while you were at the company. Review the job description when adding your responsibilities. If possible, try to match your experiences and skills with those mentioned in the job posting. When possible, add numbers and statistics to give employers a clear view of your duties. 

2. Next, add experience for the last 10 to 15 years

Although it may be tempting to add all your work experience to prove that you are the best person for the job, you should only add the most relevant experience of the past 10 to 15 years on your resume. This shows employers your most up-to-date skills and experiences. 

If you feel that job experiences further back may be relevant, you can add a section that states ‘Previous professional experience,’ where you list older jobs. Depending on the relevance of the job experience, you can either only include the names of the company and your job title or you can add a short description that includes your duties and achievements.

3. Then, use numbers to quantify the impact of your responsibilities

Use numbers to explain your duties so employers have a clear idea of your responsibilities. You can detail how many deliveries you make per shift or how far you drive. If you have information about your customer satisfaction rates from surveys, this is great data to add as it shows your dedication to customer service. 

4. Finally, explain work gaps

If you have big gaps in your job history, add work experiences even if they are older than 10 to 15 years to demonstrate that you have the experience for the position. If you went back to school or spent some time earning a new license, adding that information to your ‘Education’ or ‘Certifications and licenses’ section can explain your work gaps. You could also use your cover letter to explain why there is a gap in your work experience. 

Examples of job experience resume sections for delivery drivers

To give you a clear idea of how to add your job experiences as a delivery driver, here are a few examples:

Example for a food delivery driver

Here’s a sample food delivery driver experience section:

Work experience

Food Delivery Driver
May 2017 – Present
Pizza Palace, Tampa, FL

  • Deliver over 15 orders per shift
  • Answer customer questions and resolve complaints
  • Check orders before leaving the restaurant
  • Plan routes to deliver orders efficiently
  • Handle cash and credit card payments
  • Voted ‘Best Colleague’ for two years in a row by coworkers
  • Received customer satisfaction rate of 99% 

Example for a route delivery driver

If you’re a route delivery driver, you can use this example:

Work experience

Route Delivery Driver
June 2014 – March 2017
Crisp Mountain Water, Orlando, FL

  • Made deliveries over a span of 1,400 miles, sometimes in inclement weather
  • Maintained truck; made small repairs as needed
  • Monitored outgoing shipments for accuracy
  • Provided clients with invoices and received signatures
  • Built relationships with clients and forwarded all queries or issues to supervisor
  • Maintained delivery records and mileage logs
  • Held clean driving record at all times

Example for a catering delivery driver

Here is an example of a catering delivery driver’s work experience:

Work experience

Catering Delivery Driver
June 2014 – July 2016
Miss Eliot’s Catering Services, Dallas, Texas

  • Made over 15 full-service catering deliveries per week in 15-foot box truck
  • Loaded catering orders and checked that all orders were correct and complete
  • Secured catering equipment and checked that all items were in good repair
  • Ensured all orders arrived at the clients on time and in a presentable state
  • Maintained good relationships with clients and ensured satisfaction at all times
  • Escalated all issues with quality and client satisfaction with manager
  • Checked invoices for accuracy and had them signed by clients

Example for a small package delivery driver

You can use this small package delivery driver work experience example as a guide:

Work experience

Small Package Delivery Driver
January 2013 – March 2014, Columbus, OH

  • Loaded all orders and checked for accuracy
  • Reviewed all orders after delivery to ensure that they were complete and that all charges were correct
  • Maintained good relationships with clients and forwarded all issues to my supervisor
  • Maintained excellent time-management skills to ensure that over 20 deliveries were on time daily
  • Followed logging protocols to ensure product and delivery accuracy
  • Created a maintenance log for a fleet of six trucks