Should You Include Dean’s List on a Resume?

Should You Include Dean’s List on a Resume? | Examples & Template

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Knowing which accomplishments to include on your resume is an important part of your job search. Accomplishments can help you promote yourself as a skilled candidate. Making the dean’s list in college is one achievement that can be beneficial to include. Learn if and when you should include the dean’s list on your resume using these steps and examples.

What is the dean’s list?

The dean’s list is an award given to college students who exhibit exemplary scholarship and dedication to academic excellence. It is usually curated and managed by the academic dean’s office. To make this list, list, students typically have to earn a certain GPA on a designated number of credit hours. Some professionals choose to include the dean’s list on their resume because making the dean’s list is one of the most impressive honors that a college student can receive.

Should you include dean’s list on a resume?

There are several reasons why you might consider including dean’s list on your resume. First, it shows your work ethic. Dean’s list students dedicate considerable time and effort to making good grades. Also, being on the list shows that you are goal-oriented. If you made the dean’s list, it was likely because you set goals at the beginning of the year and worked hard toward achieving them.

Making the dean’s list is a testament to your ability to succeed. However, in some situations, including dean’s list on your resume may be ineffective. One example is if you only made the list for one semester of your college career. If your GPA was less impressive during your other semesters, including dean’s list, can draw attention to your inconsistent academic record.

When to include dean’s list

Several situations, including dean’s list on your resume, can be beneficial, including the following.

When applying for a job with a GPA requirement

Some jobs require candidates to have earned a particular GPA to qualify for the position. This is typically true of jobs that require advanced degrees or specialized expertise. When this is the case, it can help to include the dean’s list as proof of your high GPA.

When applying to an advanced education program

When applying to a graduate degree program, it is a good idea to include dean’s list on your resume or application. The academics who read your application are usually familiar with what it takes to make the dean’s list. Your previous success as a student can help promote you as an appealing candidate for the program.

When you are short on professional experience

If you are a recent graduate, you may not have much job experience. Your academic accomplishments may be the clearest indicators of your capabilities and your potential. If you lack practical experience, it can be helpful to highlight your scholarly success instead.

When you need to expand your honors section

Many professionals choose to include an honors section on their resume. This usually includes any awards or professional acknowledgments they have received. If you consistently made the dean’s list for four or more semesters, you have an impressive accomplishment that you can add to this section.

How to include dean’s list on a resume

Follow these steps to effectively include the dean’s list on your resume.

1. First, decide on a section

The first step is to decide where to place this accomplishment. You can mention the dean’s list in several different sections of your resume, including your education section, your honors section, or a professional profile if you choose to include one.

An education section usually covers the names of the schools you have attended, the titles of your degrees, and a summary of your academic achievements. You can add dean’s list as one of the bullets below your education entries or give it its own subheading.

An honors section includes any of your professional awards, acknowledgments, or achievements. Examples of possible honors include Employee of the Month awards, peer-voted acknowledgments, and academic achievements. If you choose to include an honors section, making the dean’s list can be an impressive addition.

Some people may also choose to include a professional profile at the top of their resume. This feature is a brief summary of who you are and what you do. It can include your full name, your current job title, your degrees, your best and most relevant skills, your career goals, and any impressive accomplishments.

2. Next, include the necessary details

When featuring the dean’s list on your resume, it’s important to provide accurate details. This includes the name of the school where you made the dean’s list and the exact number of semesters or academic years that you were on the dean’s list. You can also include the criteria that you had to meet to make the dean’s list. These details legitimize your achievement and show the employer why it’s relevant.

3. Lastly, prepare to discuss the dean’s list in an interview

If you are successful at getting noticed, a hiring manager may invite you to an in-person interview. During your initial interview, the interviewer may ask several clarifying questions. Be prepared to answer questions concerning the dean’s list requirements, your academic performance, and other related subjects.

Template for adding dean’s list on a resume

Here is a resume template that shows how to include the dean’s list in different sections of your resume.


[Name of school], [City, State]
[Title of degree and your major]

  • [GPA]
  • [Dean’s list]
  • [Other honors, if applicable]


  • [Title of academic award]
  • [Title of scholarship or grant]
  • [Dean’s list, honor roll, or other performance-based acknowledgment]

Professional profile:

[Your name] – [Email address] – [City, State] – [Phone number]
[Short description of your career goals]

  • [Current job title]
  • [Degree and major]
  • [Dean’s list – number of semesters]
  • [Other accomplishments or awards]

Dean’s list resume examples

There are many different ways you can include dean’s list on your resume, including the following.

Education section example

Here is an example of including the dean’s list in your education section.

University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.75
  • Dean’s list for all eight semesters
  • Honor roll for four semesters

Honors section example

Here is an example of including the Dean’s list in a separate honors section on your resume.


  • Employee of the Month at Westfield Marketing for six consecutive months
  • Voted One to Watch by the American Marketing Association
  • Awarded Who’s Who Among America’s College Students for two years
  • Included in the dean’s list for six undergraduate semesters

Professional profile examples

Here are two examples of including the dean’s list in your professional profile at the beginning of your resume.

Jill Hanger – – Austin, TX – 555-555-5555
Associate Sales Manager
B.S. in Business Administration (3.9 GPA – Dean’s list, six semesters)
Skilled in organizational communication and customer service

Chris Park – – Chicago, IL – 555-555-5555
Recent graduate seeking a career in graphic design.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Marketing – University of California San Diego
  • Cumulative GPA of 4.0
  • Honor roll and Dean’s list for all eight semesters

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