How to Write a Customer Service Resume Objective with Examples

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Why is a strong customer service resume objective important?

Customer service jobs can be competitive, and dozens of people may send in applications for the same position. A strong resume objective that shows an employer how useful you can be to the company can help you distinguish yourself from applicants who are responding to the same customer service position.

Generally, you should include your relevant qualifications, skills, experience and most notable past successes in your resume objective. Be sure to condense all the relevant information into an attention-grabbing statement. A good customer service objective should be no more than two or three sentences. This way, the employer can quickly and easily see how you’re qualified for the job.

How to write a customer service resume objective

You can create your resume objective for a customer service position by following these steps:

1. First, consider your qualifications 

Take inventory of your prior experience, skills, qualifications and expertise, and include the most impressive accomplishments in your objective.

2. Second, use numbers to showcase your past achievements 

Include quantifiable data and metrics that demonstrate the impact you had in past positions, such as the number of new accounts you opened, the volume of business you generated or the customer retention rate you helped your previous company achieve.

3. Next, highlight relevant skills 

Indicate desirable skills or qualifications that show your usefulness to the company. Choose relevant skills such as communication, teamwork and time management.

4. Lastly, explain your experience 

It can help to state how many years of work experience you have in customer service, especially if you’re looking for a leadership position.

Examples of well-written resume objectives for customer service

Here are some examples of effective resume summaries that you can use as a guideline when writing your own:

Example 1

‘Secure a job as a customer service representative with Seven Seas Company, which will enable me to use my communication skills and interpersonal skills to serve customers. Good problem solver, able to multitask and consistently finishes projects before their deadlines.’

Example 2

‘Obtain a job as a customer representative where I can use my exceptional interpersonal and communication skills to resolve customer issues and foster a positive relationship between the customers and the company.’

Example 3

‘Diligent and personable customer service representative seeking a position in which my communication skills combined with my problem-solving skills can be useful in serving customers. Capable of handling multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment. Able to keep customers happy and smiling while resolving their issues in the shortest time possible.’

Example 4

‘Experienced customer care professional with three years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Now seeking a challenging but rewarding role in a position where I can use my interpersonal skills to provide the highest level of support to customers of DataSecure, LLC.’

Example 5

‘Seeking a customer service position with NextGen Corporation to use my excellent customer service experience and people-oriented skills to enhance customer loyalty and deepen client relationships.’

Example 6 

‘Customer service representative with five years’ experience providing excellent services to customers in a dynamic work environment. Solid communication skills, good interpersonal skills and fast in resolving customer complaints with excellent problem-solving skills.’

Example 7

‘Confident and energetic customer service representative passionate about serving customers. Thrives in a challenging and fast-paced environment. Able to interact freely with customers and resolve issues quickly. Now looking for a rewarding position where I can serve customers and increase customer retention.’

Example 8

‘Self-driven customer service professional with over 10 years of experience working in a dynamic call center. Strong verbal and written communication skills. Passionate about building lasting relationships with customers.’

Example 9

‘Experienced customer service coordinator with strong leadership skills. Able to design, implement and maintain cost-effective shift schedules for Telkom’s call center of more than 200 customer representatives. Efficient in managing and tracking client’s attendance records. Results-oriented professional who’s able to ensure customer representatives deliver an outstanding experience.’

Example 10

‘Detail-oriented professional with over four years of experience in a busy customer-service environment. Proven ability to handle customer issues quickly and discreetly while nurturing positive relationships and increasing customer retention rates by 54%. Seeking to leverage these skills as a reliable customer service representative.’

Example 11 

‘Customer service representative with three years of experience in a busy IT help desk. Holds a bachelor’s degree in IT. Seeking to use my diagnostic skills and troubleshooting skills to help customers resolve a range of computer and networking problems.’

Example 12

‘Seeking a customer service representative position where I can use my experience and communication skills to handle customer complaints and queries and deepen the relationship with customers.’

Example 13 

‘Qualified customer service professional with over 14 years of experience in customer care roles, including sales, tech support and customer care. Good listener, astute problem solver and confident on the phone. Proficient with various CRM tools. Seeking to use my customer service skills to provide a positive experience to the customers in your firm.’

Example 14

‘Personable and articulate customer care professional with a history of providing outstanding support to customers. Able to maintain a positive attitude when serving customers in the banking hall. Possesses good judgment and the ability to handle confidential information discreetly. Seeking a customer service role within a financial institution that offers rewarding opportunities for dedicated people.’

Example 15

‘Customer-centric professional with three years of experience serving customers in different roles. Proven ability in engaging customers, resolving complaints and strengthening customer-client relationships. Seeking a rewarding position with a company that values its customers.’

Examples of customer service resume objectives that are not well-written

 Here are some examples of poor resume objectives:

Example 1

‘Seeking a position as a customer service representative in a fast-growing company.’

The above resume objective doesn’t indicate the applicant’s qualifications or skills, which gives the employer no way to know what value they would bring to the company.

Example 2

‘To obtain a customer service position with a company, which will require me to use my skills for the company’s success.’

Not only is this objective vague and generic, but it also doesn’t highlight the applicant’s experience and skills. It also doesn’t state what value they bring to the company.

Example 3

‘Secure any position that requires me to use my interpersonal skills and analytical mind to resolve customer issues and complaints.’

While this objective states how the applicant’s skills are of value, it doesn’t clearly state the position they’re applying for.

In general, a poorly-written resume objective leaves out relevant details, doesn’t state the position being applied for, or otherwise fails to show how the applicant’s skills will benefit the employer.