How to List Contact Information on a Resume

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When writing a resume, you can learn the proper tools and skills to get past keyword scanners. You’ll need to know how to structure the information in a way that will still be easy to read. The first step is determining how to list your contact information. In this article, you can learn more about the specific contact information to put on your resume, from your name to how to format an address, so you can represent yourself properly when applying for a new job.

Listing contact information on your resume

Many people are concerned about listing contact information on a resume, especially when submitting a job application through an online site. While this may be a valid concern, the employer still needs to have a way to contact you, so it’s vital that you list the information on your job applications. Most legitimate employment services will take steps to mask your information from those who aren’t reputable employers. In the end, finding a new job is worth listing your contact information and doing it in the proper format.

How to list contact information

It’s important to understand what contact info to put on a resume, so you can provide hiring managers with everything they need to contact you using their preferred method. This includes your name, physical address, any personal website and email address. In some cases, you might list more or less information from each of these elements. 

Here are some steps you can follow when adding contact information on your resume:

1. First, list your name

Put the name you want to be called on your resume. If you don’t go by your given name, then it’s okay to put the name you prefer to be called. For example, if your name is John James, but you go by J.J., you can put J.J. on your resume. 

It is important to note that you should always be consistent in how you list your name. Make sure you show your name exactly the same way on your resume, cover letter, professional websites, business cards, applications and other documents.

2. Second, write an address on your resume

You might not think that a physical mailing address is important in the days of electronic communication, but many employers still use mailed correspondence. Include a mailing address if the employer requests it.

Your resume address format should be the same as on any mailing envelope. Be sure to be complete and use the proper format for all the details for your mailing address, including your zip code. If you are really concerned about privacy, you can sometimes skip this and just list your city and state, but you still may need to provide your mailing address later.

3. Third, include your email address and webpage or online profile contact information

Email is the most popular way for employers to communicate. Always use a personal email address, as opposed to your current work email address. Using your work email address runs the risk of advertising to your current position that you’re job hunting. If you don’t have a personal email address, the best practice is to get one. You can find many free services, but be sure to make your personal address professional — simply use your name and a neutral domain.

Social media contact information can be a tricky thing. Some people like to include it to show they have nothing to hide. If you do list your social media accounts, prepare for an employer to look through your accounts for anything questionable. Be sure that all of your social media accounts are professional, friendly and include nothing inappropriate. 

4. Fourth, list your phone number

Second to email, a phone number is a vital piece of information to include on your resume. You may even wish to include more than one phone number, but avoid using your current work number. Also, be sure that the outgoing voicemail message on any number you list is polite and professional, and be sure to check your messages regularly.

5. Fifth, format your contact information

How you format your contact information is an important part of completing a job application. Your contact information should always be the first thing an employer sees. List it at the very top so that it stands out.

The information should be justified to the left or right, or centered and offset from the rest of the text. Keep your font standardized at a size between 11 and 12 points, and use a common and easily-readable font like Times New Roman. 

Some people choose to use a larger or bold font for their contact information, others center it or use a horizontal line to offset their personal information from the rest of the resume. Any of these are valid choices, but be careful about making the font too large or fancy, as it can confuse keyword scanners and be distracting to hiring managers.

After you complete your resume, be sure to go back and proofread each section. It is vital to properly record your physical address, phone number and email address on your resume.

Contact information template

First Name, Last Name
Street Number, Street Name, Apartment Number (if any)
City, State, Zip Code
Phone Number
Email Address 
Address or Link to Personal Webpage or Online Profile (if applicable)

Contact information example

John Williams
324 Gallagher Street, Apt #5
New York, NY 12345