How to List Call Center Skills on a Resume: Best Skills and Examples

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When hiring call center employees, employers look for candidates who have a skill set that shows they work well with customers. Most customer-facing companies have some kind of call center to assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have. If you are interested in applying for a customer service position, learn more about the best call center skills to add to your resume. 

What is a call center agent?

A call center agent, also referred to as a call center representative, is an employee who makes phone calls to customers and also answers calls from customers. If a call center agent is calling a customer, they are often inquiring about the customer’s satisfaction with the company’s service or product. A call center agent may also try to get a customer to purchase additional services or upgrade their current plan. When a call center agent answers the phone, they often are tasked with handling a customer’s question or concerns. Oftentimes, a call center agent must meet a quota of phone calls or customer resolutions. 

Why employers want to see call center skills on your resume

Employers want to hire candidates who can provide excellent customer service over the phone, and your resume is one way to show employers you have the skills to do that. Call center agents need to be effective communicators and have excellent problem-solving skills. To stand out among other candidates, you should reflect these and other relevant call center agent skills on your resume. 

Popular call center skills to add to a resume

When filling out the skills section of your resume, consider including these call center skills if you possess them:


A call center agent may experience all kinds of situations whether that be dropped phone calls or odd customer requests. The agent needs to be able to adapt to any situation, often in real-time since most of their job entails phone conversations. 


When working with customers over the phone, a call center agent needs to be an effective communicator. This means clearly explaining the company’s services and products to customers or offering straightforward solutions to any inquiries customers may have. 

Conflict resolution

When a customer calls the company’s call center, it’s typically because they have a question, comment or concern. When they have a concern, it’s important that a call center agent remains calm and friendly. It’s up to the employee to find solutions to leave the customer feeling happy and satisfied after the phone call. 

Customer service

This is one of the most important skills a call center agent must have because most of their job is working with customers. You want to show employers you can provide quality customer care that will positively impact the company’s reputation. 


When a customer calls, they are looking for someone who can understand their situation and help them find a solution. If a customer vents to you about their concerns, it’s useful to be empathic when finding a solution for them. By placing yourself in a customer’s point of view, you can provide better customer service. 


A call center agent is often considered the face of the company. When answering phone calls, it’s important to warmly greet customers and be enthusiastic. This helps customers feel like they are valued and respected by the company. 


During certain times of the year, a call center may get an influx of customer service calls. During busy times, a call center agent needs to stay organized. Agents need to make sure they are calling customers back and finding solutions for every customer who calls. Many call centers use a ticketing system to help agents prioritize customer requests. 


Some customers will be easier to serve than others. When working with a challenging customer, a call center agent needs to remain patient and helpful. Customer complaints should never be taken personally but rather be used to improve future customer experiences. 


A great call center agent will have an in-depth knowledge of the company that will help them answer any customer’s questions. If the agent doesn’t know the answer, they should know how to use resources to help the customer with what they need. 


When customers call, they expect to have their call answered in a timely manner. Similarly, if you are calling customers, you need to get straight to the point. People value their time and should appreciate a call center agent who does too. 

How to list call center skills on a resume

Here are some steps you can follow to list call center skills on your resume:

1. First, scan the call center job description for keywords

Your resume should be as relevant to the job you’re applying to as possible. When deciding which skills to list on your resume, you should scan the job description for keywords. Some keywords you may find in a call center job description are problem-solving, customer service and effective communication. 

2. Second, choose which skills to list on your resume

Next, choose keywords that apply to your skill set and incorporate them into the skills section of your resume. Continue to think of other skills you have that are relevant to the position you’re applying to. 

3. Third, think of how these skills relate to the job

When choosing skills to list on your resume, you should only list skills that directly relate to the job. When deciding on each skill, think about how you would apply it to the job you’re applying to. This will help you keep your skills section concise.

4. Lastly, finalize the skills you list on your resume

If you only have two or three skills in your skill section, you may want to add a few more. Read through the job description again and see if there are any additional skills you could list. Likewise, if your skills list is taking up half of your resume, you should condense it to only list the most relevant skills for the position. This shows employers that you were thoughtful when deciding which skills to include on your resume.  

How to improve call center skills

Here are some steps to follow to improve your call center skills: 

1. First, focus on your communication skills

By focusing on improving your communication skills, you are also improving your customer service skills. Along with talking, a big part of effective communication is listening. When on the phone with a customer, use active listening to learn what they need. Active listening means you fully concentrate on what they are saying and avoid talking over them. Then use what the customer told you to help them find a solution.

2. Second, practice your communication skills

To practice your communication skills, you could do a practice phone call with a friend pretending to be a customer. Run through scenarios where your friend has varying levels of questions and concerns. This will help you become prepared for different situations.

3. Third, learn from feedback

After you practice your phone calls, ask for feedback. Learn what you did well and what you could improve on. For example, learn if you are asking appropriate questions or if you sounded confident on the phone.

By using these tips, you’ll become a qualified call center agent and stand out among other candidates when applying for your next call center job.