Bank Teller Resume Skills: Best Skills and Examples

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When writing banking skills on a resume, you should include some of the basic skills a bank teller uses when performing the job. It is also important to understand the bank’s mission statement so you can include those values into your resume objective and work experience. In this article, you can learn the best bank teller skills to list on your resume so you can showcase your abilities and experience.

What are bank teller skills?

Bank teller skills include handling money, imputing data, taking care of customer’s banking needs, problem-solving, computer skills and upselling bank services. Knowing mathematics and remaining confident when calculating transactions are also important and allow a bank teller to work efficiently. Skills used as a bank teller could be transferable from similar lines of work.  

Why are bank teller skills important?

Bank teller skills are important because it is a confidential job that takes someone trustworthy to fulfill it. A bank teller represents the first impression of a bank and often oversees helping customers withdraw and deposit funds and other dealings regarding financial services or questions about financial accounts. A bank teller is a service job that allows you to communicate with a range of different people and use mathematics and problem-solving on a daily basis. 

Best bank teller skills to list on a resume

Here are some common skills to include on a bank teller resume:

Cash handling

Cash handling is a common skill throughout the job market. If you ever worked as a cashier, waiter or in sales then you’ve handled some, maybe even a lot, of cash. Professional cash handling is a major skill to list on your resume for a bank teller position, so explain your successes, skills and achievements when it comes to handling cash. 

Examples of cash handling skills:

  • Cash drawer maintenance. Use this section to highlight your success with a cash drawer. Include how you always came out even and your drawer was never short of money at the end of a business day.
  • Mathematical skills. Tell a success story about how your math skills helped a distraught customer calm down and take trust in your ability to solve a cash handling problem.
  • Attention to detail. Use an attentive skill that brought your former company success while you handled a cash drawer.
  • Knowledge of financial principles and practices. Use this section to highlight the paperwork and or other technical measures used to file and track all your money handling.
  • Knowledge of proper cash handling procedures. State important requirements you had to follow when handling money from a cash drawer, client or service.
  • Loan processing. Include any former banking work dealing with large amounts of loan money.
  • Tax preparation. State whether you participated in the companies tax preparations.

Customer service

Customer service is similar to cash handling in the sense that most jobs that require some form of cash handling will also request customer service qualities as well. These qualities take the form of greeting and guiding customers with a professional and friendly attitude, and communicating efficiently and accurately with all guests and members. Some customer service positions also require their employees to upsell and redirect special services to appropriate staff. 

Examples of customer service skills:

  • Honesty. Stating you are honest and sincere when it comes to serving customers helps employers know you desire the facts and truth over anything else. 
  • Teamwork. It takes more than one bank teller to work at the front desk or in the drive-thru of a bank. Use supporting details to describe a time you used teamwork while providing customer and quality service. 
  • Problem-solving. Problems can arise when dealing with customers. Explain your ability to keep calm and solve problems in time-sensitive situations.
  • Conflict resolution. Highlight any success stories in your experiences with customer services. 
  • Spoken and written communication skills. Communication skills are vital to giving successful customer service. A bank teller should be able to write and speak fluently to express customer needs and/or desires.

Technological skills

A bank teller is expected to understand how to use and operate a computer within the workplace. Other data systems like a bank’s personnel system are required for a bank teller to learn how to properly and effectively use. 

Examples of technological skills:

  • Typing skills. In this section include any high proficiency standards you are capable of typing (words per minute) without any errors. 
  • Word processing software. Name the different programs you are skilled at or mastered. 
  • Any NuPoint teller software experience. Explain your experience with this software or any other teller software.
  • Data entry skills. Highlight your proficiency when it comes to entering data, collecting data, evaluating and revising data.

Special transactions

Special transactions include loans, loan coupons, large account transactions, currency transactions and other transactions. Make any of these transaction skills stand out in your resume since employers tend to seek bank tellers with history in the banking field. However, you could also incorporate any other business transactions or skill set that is similar to help you with this section of skills in your resume. 

Education and licensing  

It is important to include your level of education and whether you have any type of bank license to the employer. Also, include any online courses that you have completed to educate yourself on any relevant banking skills that could be used in your resume.