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Best Part-Time Jobs for Engineering Students That Pay Well

We see a lot of engineering students looking for engineering internships (around 9,400 a month in the US), but why look for non-paid engineering position when you could get a suitable gig that actually pays? When it comes to findi

Why You Should Never Lie About an Employment Gap

This in-depth job hunting article is about employment gaps and how to list unemployment on a resume. For more resume writing help, visit our job seeker resource center. Most people have taken time off from working, at some time or

Crucial Things To Consider When Planning Your Career

When you're planning your career, keeping these 8 important questions in mind will help you choose the best career path for you -- without any costly missteps.

How to Write a Retail Resume With Examples

This Career Center article is intended for job seekers applying for entry-level sales positions in the retail industry using a retail resume, such as sales representative, sales associate, customer service representative, and cash

Top List of Resume Essentials

Think of your resume as the paper or electronic version of your best friend and supporter. You know who we’re talking about, the guy or girl who supports you all the way and says glowing words of praise about you to everyone who

Personal Branding Tips to Get Noticed

The advent of social media, blogs and other personal websites has compromised our privacy as individuals, but the shift to a more digital world has also introduced the opportunity for people to brand themselves. If you are activel

How to Write a Resume With No Work Experience

Whether you’re a student, you’ve just graduated, or if you’ve been with one company for a long time, creating a resume when you have little to no work experience can be a challenge. However, though it can seem in

How Long Should My Cover Letter Be?

As you send out your resume during your job search efforts, you should be including a cover letter that will accompany both printed and electronic versions of your resume. The cover letter is written according to the position, so

Should I Include References in My Resume?

As you create a resume that is designed to catch the eye of hiring managers and boost your chances of landing the job, you may wonder whether references need to be included. While the general rule is that a reference list is not a

Answering the Trickiest Interview Questions With Confidence

Job seekers often point to the interview as the most anxiety-inducing part of the hiring process. The hardest part of an interview is when an interviewer turns to tricky questions that are designed to get an honest and thorough re