Best Sociology Degree Jobs With Salaries

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If human behavior and interaction are fascinating to you, a degree in sociology may be well-suited for your goals. Students who pursue a sociology degree study a variety of different subjects including policies, behavioral patterns and relationship building. This article will cover what a sociologist is, jobs you can get with a sociology degree and popular sociologist skills and qualifications to list on a resume to help find the best sociology job for you. 

What does a sociologist do?

Sociology students study social interactions between people and conduct research to determine how world events affect human behaviors. They use this knowledge to share ideas, opinions and solutions to different social issues through various reports and publications. They may also work in positions that involve researching more about human behaviors. 

Sociology majors commonly work in industries such as: 

  • Counseling 
  • Legal 
  • Public Relations 
  • Research 
  • Politics
  • Consulting

Employees with sociology degrees often pursue positions that focus on using critical thinking and problem-solving abilities to solve common issues people may face.

Best jobs for sociology degrees 

Here are the best jobs to pursue after receiving a sociology degree: 

Guidance Counselor

National Average Salary: $48,821 per year 

Role and Responsibilities: Guidance Counselors work with students in academic facilities to provide them with advice and guidance to improve their academic careers. Other responsibilities include mentoring students, identifying and solving students’ behavioral issues and conducting counseling sessions and strategies to improve the well-being of students. 

Media Planner 

National Average Salary: $53,346 per year 

Role and Responsibilities: A Media Planner works in the marketing and advertising industry to research consumer behavior patterns to find an audience to target the company’s advertisements toward. They collect and analyze data that explains why people make certain purchasing decisions which help marketing employees decide where and when to launch campaigns.   

Public Relations Manager

National Average Salary: $57,877 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Public Relations Managers focus on the brand identity of a company and work to ensure they are maintaining a positive public image. They help establish the image of their clients by making company announcements through press releases, building advertising or promotional campaigns and spinning any negative information about their company.

Social Worker 

National Average Salary: $59,076 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Social Workers provide counseling and support to people, including children and families. They work to ensure their patients are receiving the assistance needed to remain healthy and safe. Social Workers stay updated on safety procedures and regulations and must provide public assistance to those who are unable to follow these policies. 



National Average Salary: $66,627 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Archeologists study the past behavior of humans by collecting and studying artifacts from historical sites. They visit excavation sites to find, interpret and document these findings. Archeologists write reports based on their findings and document their conclusions in publications.  


National Average Salary: $74,832 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Lawyers represent and advise clients on disputes and legal issues. Responsibilities include presenting a client’s case in front of juries and judges, gathering and presenting evidence to support their client’s case. They also study legal data and research to remain updated on various statutes or regulations. 

Policy Analyst

National Average Salary: $76,229 per year

Role and Responsibilities: A Policy Analyst studies current policies and determines if they should be updated to meet legal and ethical standards. Policy Analysts raise public awareness of certain issues and policies they believe should change. Other responsibilities include evaluating the legal effects of certain policies, reporting on the political findings they discover and analyzing people’s needs for certain policies. 


National Average Salary: $78,944 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Researchers work in different industries to conduct research on a variety of topics like company performance, productivity and behavioral issues. They often analyze this data for trends and conduct experiments to find new solutions to different issues. If they find significant results, they document their findings by writing reports for publications or company executives. 


National Average Salary: $84,960 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Historians research and examine historical documents from books, artifacts and archives to learn if these findings impact current events. They work to educate the public by presenting these artifacts in museums or presenting them at educational institutions. Historians also regularly document their findings in reports that may eventually be published in historical journals or books.

Political affairs officer 

National Average Salary: $89,017 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: Political Affairs Officers review and analyze foreign policies and advise others on how to solve any international conflicts regarding these policies. They use their behavioral and political knowledge to develop strategies and policies that strengthen relationships with foreign governments. Political Affairs Officers should have advanced knowledge of politics and relationship building. 


National Average Salary: $89,281 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Psychologists study the impact of the mind and use this research to help solve patients’ social and personal issues. They examine and assess patients by speaking with them to gain an understanding of their emotional issues. Psychologists will provide diagnoses, treatments and referrals to patients who are facing mental health challenges. 

Management Consultant

National Average Salary: $90,464 per year 

Role and Responsibilities: Management Consultants implement strategies to help enhance the growth and performance of companies. They gather and analyze data to help determine the challenges the company is facing and develop plans to overcome these challenges. Once they gather and analyze the data, Management Consultants present their findings and propose their strategy to leadership.


National Average Salary: $98,944 per year

Role and Responsibilities:  Economists research and evaluate the current financial issues that may be occurring in society. They conduct surveys by speaking with different people to gain an idea of how the economy is directly affecting them. They often present their findings using charts and tables. Gathering and presenting on this data allows them to better forecast upcoming financial challenges and trends.

Popular skills and qualifications to list on a resume for sociologist jobs

Here is a list of common skills and qualifications that may impress employers when applying for sociology jobs:

Communication skills

Employees with a sociology degree regularly interact with others to understand their behaviors and help them solve problems. Because of this common interaction, these employees need strong written and verbal communication skills to write their research details or reports and to interact with their patients or clients. 

Problem-solving abilities 

Since sociologists are regularly solving behavioral issues and learning how various instances affect people, they must have strong problem-solving skills to help others with these issues. Solving various behavioral and mental problems people are facing helps sociologists better understand ways to overcome challenges and prevent people from facing similar issues in the future.  

Research skills 

When sociologists are presenting on their findings, their information must be accurate to remain credible, which requires advanced research skills. Sociologists are constantly working to find solutions to human behavioral issues. This is why it’s important for them to have strong research skills to know where to find the answers they’re searching for.