Popular Types of Marketing Jobs With Salaries

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Pursuing a career in marketing can mean applying your communications and technical skills, as well as highlighting your proficiency for analyzing data and performing market research. If you are considering applying for a marketing job, you may want to consider what types of jobs are available in marketing before moving into a specialized field. This article provides a list of some of the different types of marketing jobs to help you determine the best career path for you.

What is marketing?

Marketing is the process of advertising and promoting an organization’s products or services with the goal of generating revenue. A marketing professional develops and implements strategies that aim to promote an organization’s products or services. The marketing industry approaches target audiences and engages these consumers to educate them about the benefits of purchasing from their brand or business. Marketers can work in a variety of different roles, including management roles, product and project development roles and analytics roles.

Common types of marketing

Here are some of the various approaches to marketing:

  • Social media marketing. Uses social media platforms to advertise and promote awareness of a brand or a company’s products or services
  • Email marketing. Works by collecting a list of emails from qualified and interested leads and creating an email message that reaches these leads to promote a product or service
  • Content marketing. Uses articles, blog posts and online journal entries to create community among a company’s target audience and gain readers’ interest in the company’s products or services
  • Affiliate marketing. Can be used to promote another company’s products or services, and you might approach this marketing strategy in conjunction with other methods for promoting your products or services
  • Mail marketing. An offline marketing approach that works much the same as email campaigns in that a company collects the addresses of qualified leads and sends information to gain interest in the company’s products or services
  • Networking event. A type of offline marketing that can be highly effective in promoting awareness of a brand as well as building a professional network

If you are pursuing a career in marketing, you can explore the various roles in the industry to help you determine which career path is best for you.

Best marketing jobs

Here are some of the most popular marketing jobs:

Marketing Coordinator

National Average Salary: $44,966 per year

Role and Responsibilities: A Marketing Coordinator is responsible for the development and strategic planning of various stages of a marketing campaign. Marketing Coordinators also initiate campaign projects and may typically be responsible for tracking sales and measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) to better plan for strategy implementation.

Marketing Associate

National Average Salary: $47,433 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Marketing Associates are commonly entry-level jobs that can help professionals in the industry enter the career field. Marketing Associates typically assist with the development and implementation of strategies to help marketing teams achieve success during campaigns and other promotional projects.

Social Media Manager

National Average Salary: $48,543 per year

Role and Responsibilities: A Social Media Manager may commonly be responsible for developing and tailoring social media content to reach an organization’s target audience with the goal of acquiring leads and customers or making sales. While a degree in marketing is desirable for Social Media Managers to have, interpersonal skills such as effective communication and building relationships and community among an organization’s target market can essentially be a benefit to the role.

Web Content Specialist

National Average Salary: $52,402 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Web Content Specialists may perform many of the content creation tasks for promoting a brand or business. Typically, Web Content Specialists will work with organizations to develop and implement a content marketing plan for outlining the type of content that gets posted to a company’s website. Blog posts, journals, articles, podcasts and videos are all examples of web copy that a Web Content Specialist may be responsible for creating.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

National Average Salary: $52,619 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists essentially perform research on and analyze best practices and trends of online search activity to develop and implement strategies that essentially improve internet searches and search results. SEO Specialists work toward increasing traffic to websites through the use of keywords and keyword phrases to meet the guidelines of search engines and improve user experience.

Digital Marketer

National Average Salary: $61,523 per year

Role and Responsibilities: The Digital Marketer uses a variety of online channels and platforms such as social media, landing pages and websites to promote awareness of a brand or business with the goal of generating leads and paying customers. Typically, Digital Marketers develop and implement strategies that help brands achieve their revenue goals.

Marketing Analyst

National Average Salary: $62,800 per year

Role and Responsibilities: The Marketing Analyst, or Market Research Analyst, is typically responsible for researching a business’s target market to analyze trends that help businesses determine which products and services to sell. Marketing Analysts will also research competitors, analyze consumer behavior and implement strategies to improve overall market reach.

Marketing Manager

National Average Salary: $66,182 per year

Role and Responsibilities: The Marketing Manager is responsible for analyzing industry trends and consumer behavior to develop strategies for marketing a business’s or brand’s products or services. Marketing Managers may commonly work with sales and finance teams to ensure the successful development and implementation of marketing campaigns.

Marketing Director

National Average Salary: $87,269 per year

Role and Responsibilities: The Marketing Director generally supervises and directs the process of developing and implementing marketing strategies for campaigns and promoting a brand’s products or services. Marketing Directors may commonly perform market research to better develop strategies for marketing campaigns.

Product Manager

National Average Salary: $106,779 per year

Role and Responsibilities: A Product Manager typically oversees the processes involved with creating a product or product line. Product Managers may commonly work with different department teams to organize, plan and implement strategies that drive the success of a product. Product Managers may also be responsible for analyzing and measuring the success of a product or product line to implement similar effective strategies for additional projects.

Popular skills and qualifications to list on a resume for marketing

Even though each marketing role can differ, the following skills and qualifications are some of the most popular to list on a marketing resume:

Technical skills

Marketers may also rely heavily on their ability to navigate the technical aspects of their jobs. Technical aspects of marketing like digital advertising strategies, maintaining a content management system (CMS) or using online databases to sort and analyze performance metrics are several key applications of effective technical skills. To highlight these skills on your resume, try to include specific software or digital applications you are proficient within your role as a marketer.

Analytical skills

Many types of marketing jobs also depend on the use of analytical skills to be successful when developing, implementing and tracking campaigns and projects. For instance, gathering and organizing data, analyzing statistics and measuring performance metrics (like conversion rates or email open rates) are the types of analytical skills you might include on your resume.

Communication skills

Successful marketers are effective communicators. From writing articles to sending personalized emails during email marketing campaigns and from disseminating messages to speaking with clients, you can make your communication skills stand out on your resume by providing examples of your success applying these skills.