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Best Accounting Jobs With Salaries

You can find accounting jobs in a variety of industries that need different levels of experience and education. Learning more about the different types of accounting jobs can help you determine if they could be a good fit for you. This article will cover the responsibilities and average salary of some of the best accounting jobs so you can find the career path that interests you.

Best accounting jobs

Here are some of the best jobs in the field of accounting: 

Tax Preparer

National Average Salary: $15.43 per hour 

Role and Responsibilities: Tax Preparers gather information to file an individual’s taxes. They get their employment information, benefits and other information needed to file taxes. A Tax Preparer can work freelance, for a company and some even volunteer their time to help others get their taxes done correctly.

Accounting Assistant

National Average Salary: $16.52 per hour 

Role and Responsibilities: Accounting Assistants help Accountants and accounting departments by completing administrative tasks. They could answer phones, answer emails and gather documents that Accountants request. It’s possible to get this job without much accounting education or experience. 

Accounting Clerk

National Average Salary: $16.54 per hour

Role and ResponsibilitiesAn Accounting Clerk can have a varied workload that ranges from preparing financial reports, keeping records up to date and managing accounts and accounting software. Becoming an Accounting Clerk is a good start to an accounting career. 

Accounts Receivable Clerk

National Average Salary: $16.97 per hour

Role and ResponsibilitiesAn Accounts Receivable Clerk manages the collection of a business’s accounts receivable. This involves sending out bills, recording payments and keeping track of the amount owed by each customer.

Accounts Payable Clerk

National Average Salary: $17.52 per hour 

Role and ResponsibilitiesAn Accounts Payable Clerk manages the accounts payable portion of a company’s books by charging expenses to the correct line item and ensuring that all of the proper documentation of these transactions is completed.


National Average Salary: $17.85 per hour

Role and ResponsibilitiesA Bookkeeper is responsible for ensuring that all documentation is collected and all transactions are reflected in the organization’s financial records. It generally involves a lot of data entry as well as creating reports.

Credit Analyst

National Average Salary: $58,042 per year 

Role and ResponsibilitiesA Credit Analyst looks over a potential client’s credit history and determines their creditworthiness before a company approves them for a line of credit or other financial services.

Financial Planner

National Average Salary: $62,261 per year

Role and ResponsibilitiesFinancial Planners help individuals plan their futures by suggesting investment options. They learn about the needs of their clients, including retirement, children’s college fund planning and other future financial needs. After discussing the available or recommended options, a Financial Planner will then present a plan for the individuals to follow. 

Tax Accountant

National Average Salary: $62,973 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Tax Accountants help companies and individuals navigate how to pay different taxes. From keeping large companies in compliance with regulations to helping families save money on their taxes, a Tax Accountant can explain it all to their clients.

Project Accountant

National Average Salary: $63,040 per year

Role and ResponsibilitiesProject Accountants oversee specific projects to ensure they stay within budget. They may work with many specific projects or be responsible for overseeing a single project, depending on the scope of the projects and the size of the company. 


National Average Salary: $64,359 per year 

Role and ResponsibilitiesAn Auditor examines a company’s financial records to ensure that they are accurate, their tax information is correct and that all of their financial procedures are efficient.

Property Accountant

National Average Salary: $64,392 per year 

Role and ResponsibilitiesProperty Accountants specialize in the accounting surrounding the buying and selling of property. This can include creating budgets, setting up escrow accounts and preparing portfolios.


National Average Salary: $64,392 per year 

Role and ResponsibilitiesActuaries use financial and other market data to help businesses make smart, informed decisions. They can often be found analyzing data and creating reports and presentations based on their findings.

Financial Analyst

National Average Salary: $71,403 per year

Role and ResponsibilitiesFinancial Analysts are professionals who work with business owners to help them evaluate the market and their investing options. They also keep track of the performance of any of these investments.

Treasury Analyst

National Average Salary: $72,820 per year 

Role and ResponsibilitiesA Treasury Analyst is responsible for overseeing an organization’s cash flow and ensuring there is appropriate documentation for each transaction.

Cost Estimator

National Average Salary: $72,932 per year 

Role and ResponsibilitiesCost Estimators work with companies to estimate the cost of providing a service or manufacturing a product. However, a Cost Estimator doesn’t just find the total cost of raw materials. They also factor in the cost of labor and the time it would cost the company to complete the project.

Budget Analyst

National Average Salary: $74,128 per year

Role and ResponsibilitiesBudget Analysts help companies plan and execute their budgets. They also help companies with long-term budget planning in order to help them achieve their financial goals.

Forensic Accountant

National Average Salary: $77,927 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Forensic Accountants audit companies’ finances to look for evidence of fraud and other financial crimes. They may prepare reports and occasionally testify in court. There are opportunities for Forensic Accountants in private companies, public organizations as well as with law enforcement agencies. 

Accounting Manager

National Average Salary: $78,679 per year

Role and ResponsibilitiesAn Accounting Manager is an accountant who has worked their way up to being the head of an accounting department. They oversee the department by handling accounting methods and managing staff.


National Average Salary: $94,094 per year 

Role and ResponsibilitiesA Controller is a high-level Accountant who is in charge of overseeing a company’s financial department. The Controller monitors the budget to look for any variances, manages staff as well as turns financial data into actionable insights. However, the work can vary based on the size and layout of the company. In nonprofit or government organizations, this position is usually called a Comptroller.

Chief Financial Officer

National Average Salary: $127,364 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are ultimately responsible for the finances of the entire company. This can include making financial decisions and identifying opportunities for growth within the organization.