Real At Home Jobs With Salaries

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There are a wide variety of careers available for professionals who want to work from home. Whether you are considering making a change for personal or professional reasons, real at home jobs allow professionals to maintain their careers while enjoying the flexibility that remote work can offer. This article evaluates the different careers that are available as a remote employee and the skills that are generally required for these roles so you can determine if one of these positions may be ideal for you.

What is a real at home job?

A real at home job, also called a remote job or a telecommute job, is a job that you can do at home or at a place other than in an office such as a coffee shop, co-working space or library. Many professionals who work from home make their decision to do so on lifestyle factors such as family or personal satisfaction, but for some working at a telecommute job is because they need a career change or can earn more money outside a traditional office job.

Best real at home jobs

Here are a few of the best real at home jobs you may want to consider:

Call Center Agent

National Average Salary: $12.17 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Virtual Call Center Agents handle incoming and outgoing calls for companies or agencies. Some companies may prefer people with call center experience, while others provide training. Call Center Agents are responsible for a variety of tasks, including telemarketing, sales, customer service and customer support.  

Data Entry Worker

National Average Salary: $12.64 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Data Entry Workers input data to software systems and update records. Data entry is a common work at home job that you can start at entry-level. Skills include strong organizational skills, good typing skills and accuracy.


National Average Salary: $14.12 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Transcriptionists listen to audio and convert what they hear into written text for transcripts. For example, they may type dictation from doctors or company meetings. Skills and qualities associated with being a Transcriptionist are good hearing, ability to sit in one spot for many hours, fast typing speed and proofreading. 

Virtual Assistant

National Average Salary: $16.38 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Virtual Assistants assist businesses with a variety of tasks including administrative tasks such as answering phone calls, preparing presentations and managing schedules and meetings. Employers look for people who have specific skills such as data entry and technical support. Virtual Assistant jobs are good for people who can be flexible, as they can sometimes require irregular work schedules.

Web Designer

National Average Salary: $17.94 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Web Designers create and develop websites for businesses. As a Web Designer, you need to be experienced with various programming languages and design software like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop and Illustrator.

English as a Second Language Teacher

National Average Salary: $19.00 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: English as a Second Language (ESL) Teachers work with non-native speakers to help them understand, speak and write in English. Many of these Teachers work with students in English-speaking countries while others work with students in other countries. Their typical responsibilities include planning, preparing and delivering lessons, helping students improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills via online tutorials and preparing teaching materials. 

Online Teacher

National Average Salary: $19.26 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Education has adapted to the internet, allowing Teachers to provide their teaching services online. Licensed Teachers can teach online classes using webcasting software or pre-recorded sessions. There are many different online teaching opportunities available. Teachers who instruct core subjects such as math, English and science, and those who can speak a second language, are in demand from kindergarten to the university level.  

Freelance Writer

National Average Salary: $21.89 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Freelance Writers create and develop content for clients. They write blogs, create website home pages, develop marketing content and may also edit other Writers’ work. There are many different types of Freelance Writers. For example, Content Writers create articles for clients in specific industries such as fashion, technology, law and education. Copywriters write advertisements and other copy as needed by their clients. 

Medical Coder

National Average Salary: $22.09 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Medical Coders translate a healthcare provider’s services and a patient’s medical record to correct codes for billing. Medical coding is a technical job that you can learn from online classes or your local community college to obtain certification. 

Freelance Editor

National Average Salary: $24.78 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: A Freelance Editor can work in a variety of different industries, such as newspapers, book or magazine publications or in digital media. They are generally responsible for planning, revising and coordinating material prior to publication. They may review story ideas and determine the material that would be best received by their audience. They might offer suggestions for improving the content that’s been written or suggest headlines and titles. 

Popular skills and qualifications to list on a resume for a real at home job

 Here are the most important skills you can list on your resume when applying for a real at home job:


You need to be able to demonstrate through your resume that you can keep yourself on deadline and coordinate all of your responsibilities while working from home.


Staying in touch with your coworkers, manager or clients while you’re working from home is critical. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the most common tools for communicating. You’ll also need to be able to communicate in a clear and concise manner.


Because you’ll be working independently much of the time, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate to an employer that you’re proactive and a self-starter. Look for opportunities to demonstrate your independence on your resume and throughout the application process.

Technologically savvy

In order to work from home, you’ll need to be comfortable with hardware and software. You can demonstrate that you’re tech-savvy by including a link to a blog or online portfolio, or even just by sending your resume as a PDF that users can open with a Mac or PC. 


As a work-from-home employee, you’ll need to be able to show that you’re self-motivated and that you can stay excited about the job, company and industry you work in.