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Best Jobs With Flexible Hours

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From the gig economy to salaried positions to jobs that cut overhead by opting to get rid of the traditional office environment, there are many options for the employee who wants freedom and flexibility. Many of the jobs presented here even have options on how you obtain your flexibility from working entirely online to salaried positions that require in-office time. This article presents some of the best jobs with flexible hours in a variety of industries.

Freelance jobs with flexible hours

Here are some of the best freelancing jobs with flexible hours: 

Rideshare Driver

National Average Salary: $21,913 per year

Primary Duties: If you’ve got a car and a smartphone you can work for any number of ridesharing companies, doing something as simple as driving your car. Rideshare Drivers basically work as taxi drivers except, instead of specialized vehicles, they drive their personal cars. After being accepted, all you do is tell the company you are available and requests will be sent to your phone.


National Average Salary: $21.50 per hour

Primary Duties: Tutors can help people learn a variety of different things like math and science and on a schedule that suits them, either in person or online. Some websites with online courses even allow you to pre-make classes for people to purchase at any time.

Personal Trainer

National Average Salary: $21.46 per hour

Primary Duties: Personal Trainers work with clients to help them achieve their fitness goals. This means that you can mark your availability as you wish. However, with many people working during the day, there may be many requests for training to occur on nights or weekends.


National Average Salary: $46,374 per year 

Primary Duties: A Translator is an expert who knows one or multiple languages and can translate those languages into the client’s preferred language either in real-time conversations or in written documents. 


National Average Salary: $74,134 per year

Primary Duties: Lawyers work with people and companies to provide legal counsel, defend them in the courtroom or help with legal documentation. Lawyers have a number of working choices from a salaried position at an established firm, working freelance, establishing your own practice and now there is even an option to dispense legal advice online.

While freelancing gives you the ultimate freedom in that you get to choose what jobs you do, how much time you can dedicate to the project and when you complete the work, it comes with risks. You are your own boss and your financial well-being depends on your ability to find clients, produce work and collect invoices.

Salary jobs with flexible hours

Here are some of the best salary-based jobs with flexible hours:


National Average Salary: $14.44 per hour

Primary Duties: Photographers serve their clients by providing them with photos of various subjects, primarily events and people. While Photographers have the opportunity to set their own schedule, they will have to be available when the clients are available. 


National Average Salary: $55,233 per year

Primary Duties: An Accountant is a professional who manages the movement and status of an individual’s or company’s money. With the exception of client meetings, much of an Accountant’s tracking of funds and creation of reports can be done on a computer even from home.

Curriculum Leader

National Average Salary: $29.38 per hour 

Primary Duties: All of those lessons that you’re taught in class have to be developed by someone. That’s the job of a Curriculum Leader. These classes can be created freelance, remotely or on your own schedule from an office environment.

Marketing Manager

National Average Salary: $65,531 per year

Primary Duties: A Marketing Manager oversees all the pieces of the marketing puzzle and provides data that shows the results of their efforts. As with many salaried opportunities they may have required meetings with other members of the team or clients but otherwise have flexible hours.

Brand Strategist

National Average Salary: $73,452 per year 

Primary Duties: A Brand Strategist works closely with the rest of the marketing department to position the brand appropriately and assure continuity. A Brand Strategist may have required meetings, but other than that, they may choose their own hours. Hours also may fluctuate depending on the project or season.

Electrical Engineer

National Average Salary: $89,100 per year

Primary Duties: Electrical Engineers work to solve problems with electrical systems and also develop electrical systems. This can mean flexible hours as long as the problems are solved and the electrical systems get developed.

IT Security Specialist

National Average Salary: $114,164 per year

 Primary Duties: IT Security Specialists keep a company computer infrastructure safe. This is a job that can be done on your own schedule but often requires visits to the office to install and update hardware and software.

The point of salaried jobs is that you can get your work done in whatever time frame it takes you. While it does gives you flexible hours, many people with salaried jobs end up working more than 40 hours per week.

Online jobs with flexible hours

Here are some of the best jobs with flexible hours for working online:

Copy Writer

National Average Salary: $13.52 per hour

Primary Duties: All of that content that pops up when you search things like ‘jobs with flexible hours,’ online isn’t always written by the company or even an ad agency. It’s written by freelance Copy Writers who are seeking content writing jobs on the internet. They can take on as little or as much work as they please and write when it’s convenient for them.

Graphic Artist

National Average Salary: $15.10 per hour

Primary Duties: Graphic Artists use various software to create custom art, often in the form of marketing materials, for a client. They can create these marketing materials on their own time from a variety of different places. 

Virtual Assistant

National Average Salary: $16.38 per hour

Primary Duties: Virtual Assistants are becoming increasingly popular. These professionals can handle everything from making appointments, paying bills to replying to emails for their clients.

Data Entry Specialist

National Average Salary: $18.22 per hour 

Primary Duties: Data entry is often a challenging task. In order to reduce the costs associated with this, many companies are opting for online workers who can enter data from their homes, getting rid of the need for the cost of office space.

Social Media Manager

National Average Salary: $49,082 per year

Primary Duties: Social Media Managers maintain a company’s or a brand’s social media presence by creating and scheduling content for the respective sites. A job that revolves around one of the internet’s biggest draws can be done online either remotely or on a freelance basis.

Many jobs can be done remotely with very little travel to the office or completely online. These opportunities may require phone calls or written reports sent to employers.