Popular Jobs That Require No Experience With Salaries

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Finding the right job takes time and patience, especially when you have little to no work experience. But when you know how to represent your skills and experiences in an appealing way, you’re sure to achieve success. Learn how to find a job when you’re limited on work experience, see the most popular jobs that require little to no experience and popular skills and qualifications to include on a resume.

How to find a job with no work experience

Follow these steps to find a job when you have no work experience:  

1. First, assess your participation in extracurricular activities

If you’ve ever volunteered for charity, participated in sports or joined a club, you’ve likely developed skills that you may not realize. Many of these pursuits require teamwork, leadership, excellent communication or time management—which translate into strong skills you can highlight on a resume.

2. Second, customize your resume and job application

Approach every job that you apply to with care and attention to detail. Avoid sending the same cover letter and resume to dozens of companies. Think about how your past experiences support the specific job you’re applying to, then customize your resume to enhance the best skills suited for the job.

3. Then, network with industry pros

Reach out to people you may know who work in the career field you’d like to pursue and ask them if they know of any openings. They might be able to connect you with others involved in the hiring process. 

4. Next, email companies you’re interested in

Just because a company doesn’t have any current openings doesn’t mean it won’t in the future. Contact the companies you’re interested in working for to see if they’d be willing to look at your resume or keep it on file if a position opens up. 

5. Finally, apply with confidence

Above all, remember that your personality is one of your biggest assets. Sometimes people get hired based on their can-do attitude and overall positivity. Hiring managers look for people who display leadership qualities, know how to communicate well and get along with others.

Popular jobs that require little to no experience

Here are some top jobs that require little to no experience:

Medical Biller

National Average Salary: $33,530 per year

Role and Responsibilities: A career in medical billing doesn’t require any form of licensure, though there are educational courses available to help you become certified. This helps hiring managers feel more confident in your abilities. Their responsibilities include properly coding medical procedures and billing insurance agencies. 

Repair Technician

National Average Salary: $34,819 per year

Role and Responsibilities: People with hands-on skills often make great Repair Technicians. They work in a variety of environments to restore materials, appliances, equipment or vehicles to their original working order.

Flight Attendant

National Average Salary: $34,819 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Flight Attendants serve the people who fly on various airlines by providing safety instructions, meals, comfort items and support when they get distressed. They also take part in preflight meetings with pilots, direct evacuations and inspect emergency equipment before takeoff.

Mail Carrier

National Average Salary: $39,458 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: Mail Carriers collect and deliver mail to homes and businesses. They travel by foot or mail truck, depending on the areas they cover. Beyond delivery, they often need to get signatures from customers and answer their questions.  

Personal Trainer

National Average Salary: $44,720 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Personal Trainers teach their clients how to properly exercise and guide them with personalized workout plans. They track their physical progress and talk about diet and lifestyle to achieve success. If needed, they provide emergency first aid. 


National Average Salary: $44,993 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Firefighters put their lives at risk to keep people safe from threatening fires. They extinguish fires and rescue people from emergencies, performing medical care when needed. 

Air Traffic Controller (ATC)

National Average Salary: $46,570 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Air Traffic Controllers work to ensure the safety of aircraft moving through the sky. They monitor flight routes, communicate with pilots and follow emergency procedures in stressful situations.

Truck Driver

National Average Salary: $59,098 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Truck Drivers haul goods from one place to another and typically involve traveling long distances. They are responsible for loading and unloading materials, driving safely, logging hours, performing truck inspections and completing related paperwork.

Landscape Architect

National Average Salary: $66,027 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Landscape Architects meet with clients to design and implement appealing outdoor spaces for a variety of landscaped areas including homes, businesses, playgrounds and schools. 

Real Estate Agent

National Average Salary: $86,314 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Real Estate Agents work with clients who need help finding, buying or selling residential or commercial properties. Also, they work under a brokerage to make and negotiate offers, create contracts, publish real estate listings and more. 

Tips for listing skills on a resume

When applying for jobs, remember that your soft (interpersonal) and hard (technical) skills may be stronger than those of other applicants who’ve applied. Be upfront about your skill level and educational experience on your resume. What you include in these key sections of your resume may resonate with people who have specific things they are looking for in a candidate. Include any relevant skills you have, even if they don’t seem that exciting. 

Popular skills to list on a resume

Some popular skills that come in handy for a variety of jobs include: 

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Organization
  • Resilience
  • Data analytics 
  • Time management
  • Public speaking

When you include these skills, you’re demonstrating you have what it takes to succeed in any job. 

Popular qualifications to list on a resume

Some of the qualifications you have may include the following:

  • Education and academic achievements
  • Classes, training and certifications
  • Academic or personal projects
  • Awards and accomplishments
  • Volunteer work and activities

When writing a professional resume, it’s important to remember that you can sometimes be your biggest critic. If you need help identifying your strengths and skill set, contact a trusted friend or family member who can provide you with you valuable insight.