Best Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree With Salaries

Whether or not you are considering higher education, some people choose to find a job that doesn’t require a four-year degree. Fortunately, there are many options available. Pursuing a career without a degree doesn’t have to mean low pay or poor benefits. In this article, you can learn about the best jobs that don’t require a degree.

The best jobs you can get without a degree

Not all great positions require a degree to succeed. In fact, you can find many career opportunities with no additional education at all. 

Here’s a look at some of the best jobs you can get without a college degree: 

Paralegal assistant

National Average Salary: $39,002 per year

Primary Duties: Paralegal assistants play an important role at any law firm. They work to assist attorneys, write correspondence, and manage other duties to help the lawyers. Paralegals handle an extensive amount of casework, which means they can bill clients for their work. Paralegal assistants deal mainly with scheduling, data entry and other administrative tasks. 

Pet groomer

National Average Salary: $39,287 per year

Primary Duties: People who enjoy working with animals can pursue a career in the grooming industry. With many job opportunities available from chain stores to local boutiques, the main duties of a pet groomer include washing, brushing and trimming dog’s coats. They may also trim nails and offer owners insight into any skin conditions or other issues they notice during their work, directing the owner to products or techniques that may help control the problem. 


National Average Salary: $45,322 per year

Primary Duties: Firefighters hold an important community job. Not only do they help battle structure and forest fires, but they also act as first responders and are usually the first to arrive on the scene of any car accident or other emergency call. As a firefighter, you would live and work in a fast-paced environment that requires commitment to your community and working late night, weekend and holiday shifts. 


National Average Salary: $50,623 per year

Primary Duties: Detectives work at a police department to help gather evidence that will aid in solving criminal cases. Responsibilities will include examining records, interviewing suspects and apprehending citizens who are suspected to be criminals. Detectives work on specific cases until a case is dropped or solved. Most often, detectives handle office-based work and follow-up investigations. 

Police officer

National Average Salary: $50,622 per year

Primary Duties: Police officers are an integral part of a community because they dedicate their lives to keeping people safe. Police officers must respond to calls of crime at all hours of the day and be ready to execute processes and procedures to keep themselves, their partners and citizens safe. Police officers also handle paperwork and other administrative duties relating to cases. 

Customs officer

National Average Salary: $52,932 per year

Primary Duties: A customs or detections officer is employed at border crossings at land, sea, and airports to ensure that no illegal or controlled substances pass between countries illegally. Customs officers must know and enforce the immigration and agricultural regulations set by the federal government, which may include testing, inspecting, and confiscating illegal and potentially dangerous goods. 


National Average Salary: $53,633 per year

Primary Duties: Accountants keep tabs on the financial operations of an organization and work to ensure efficiency by analyzing reports, managing budgets, filing tax returns and preparing statements. While accountants need high attention to detail and familiarity with some software programs, no degree is required. 

Executive assistant

National Average Salary: $54,640 per year

Primary Duties: The role of an executive assistant is similar to an administrative assistant or secretary. The main duties revolve around accepting visitors, making phone calls, scheduling business meetings, sending memos and reviewing reports. Aside from maintaining the daily schedule, executive assistants also carry out any small tasks that they are requested to do, like drafting an email. 

Digital marketer

National Average Salary: $59,683 per year

Primary Duties: The role of a digital marketer is an exciting one. With a growing need for social media strategies and other online branding and marketing activities, many positions are opening up for digital marketing expertise. The duties of a digital marketer range from designing online advertising campaigns to managing email marketing efforts, among other things.

Sales representative

National Average Salary: $60,207 per year

Primary Duties: The field of sales continues to be a very lucrative one. For people with great interpersonal and marketing skills, the position of a sales rep at any company can prove profitable. While some still work on a commission basis, most pay a good base salary with the chance for performance-based bonuses and raises as you gain experience and seniority. 

Transportation specialist 

National Average Salary: $61,910 per year

Primary Duties: Transportation specialists have a variety of opportunities available to them, ranging from positions in the army to positions at freight companies. Duties include coordinating schedules, managing transportation projects and supervising in the field. On a larger scale, transportation specialists must plan, operate and manage the company’s transportation needs by overseeing drivers. 

Real estate broker

National Average Salary: $67,935 per year

Primary Duties: While you need to pass a state exam in order to earn your real estate license and an additional exam to get your broker license, you do not need any schooling to qualify for the position of a real estate broker. Many people begin by becoming real estate agents and then work towards the position of a broker, which would permit you to start your own firm and hire agents to work on your behalf. As such, real estate brokers have higher earning potential than agents while ultimately putting in less time with clients.