Best Jobs For Seniors With Salaries

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Increasingly, senior citizens are opting to continue working after retirement and are, in this way, redefining what it means to be a person of advanced age. Apart from the fact that senior citizens have a wealth of knowledge to impart, many are still mentally and physically fit and capable of working. This article shares a list of some of the best jobs that senior citizens can consider after retirement.

What are good jobs for senior citizens?

Good jobs for senior citizens may involve flexible hours, less commuting and decreased strenuous physical activity. Depending on their unique circumstances, such as physical fitness and type of work, some senior citizens may choose to work remotely, whereas others may want or have to commute. As there is a wealth of options available for senior citizens when it comes to working after retirement, they may also choose to work either part-time or opt for full-time positions.

Why would a senior citizen want a job?

Senior citizens may choose to work after retirement for many different reasons. Some companies may force workers to retire at a certain age, so senior citizens may still choose to continue working or realize they cannot afford to retire yet. Other seniors may feel the need to have a continued purpose in life or may find the prospect of not working to be daunting. Some seniors may also want to give back to the community in their golden years and may want to pass their knowledge on to younger individuals. Whatever your reasons are, remaining physically and mentally active after retirement by finding alternative employment may have a positive effect on your health, income and emotional well-being.

Best jobs for senior citizens

Here are a variety of jobs for senior citizens to consider:

Pet sitter

National Average Salary: $39,819 per year

Primary Duties: If you are an animal lover and still relatively mobile and fit, pet sitting can be a pleasant way to earn a steady income. This kind of work normally requires that you move into people’s houses when they go away and involves feeding and looking after their animals in their absence. Some owners may also require that you walk their dogs, which is a great way of staying in shape during your golden years.


National Average Salary: $14.20 per hour

Primary Duties: Working as a transcriptionist is a great job for elderly citizens who want to work from home, as this work can easily be done remotely. Typically, a client will send you an audio or video file, either via mail or in cloud storage, and you then transcribe it and send it back once completed. To do this work well and speedily, you will need transcription software, which provides you with enhanced sound quality, as well as hardware, such as a pedal with which to easily manipulate and control the audio.

Medical coder

National Average Salary: $16.10 per hour

Primary Duties: Medical coding is another job that you can do from the comfort of your home. The job involves translating healthcare services into diagnostic codes for use in medical billing. Although you do not need a formal education to do this job, you will have to obtain certification, such as a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) qualification.


National Average Salary: $16.35 per hour

Primary Duties: If you are a senior citizen that lives alone and are still in relatively good shape, you may enjoy babysitting children or becoming a nanny. People tend to trust older people when it comes to looking after their children, so you should have no problem finding clients. This work may either require that you travel to your client’s home on a daily basis, or you can start a mini daycare at your house, and have the parents bring their kids to you. You should check, however, how many kids you are allowed to watch concurrently without a state license.

Virtual Assistant

National Average Salary: $16.50 per hour

Primary Duties: If you worked as a personal or administrative assistant, finding work as a virtual assistant once you have retired may be a simple process. This is also a job that you can do from home and involves taking care of administrative tasks for a company, for instance, scheduling, filing, taking care of correspondence and making travel arrangements.

Content Writer

National Average Salary: $17.67 per hour

Primary Duties: If you are a good writer, the internet offers a host of writing opportunities for freelancers. You can, for instance, start blogging, work as a copywriter, do ghostwriting for companies or pitch articles to online magazines for publishing. This kind of work has flexible hours and you can take on as much work as you may require at any given time.


National Average Salary: $21.43 per hour

Primary Duties: As a senior citizen who has garnered a lot of experience and knowledge over the years, you have a wealth of information to impart to the youth. Working as a tutor in your field of expertise, whether it is nursing, languages, music, mathematics or accounting, is a great way to earn a living. You can do this kind of work online, for instance through video conferencing, receive students at your residence, or you can travel to an institution or a student’s residence.

Online English Teacher

National Average Salary: $21.43 per hour

Primary Duties: Online English teachers are very much in demand. As English has become a world language, countries like Russia and China are increasingly hiring online English teachers to teach adults and children alike. Depending on the company you work for, you will conduct one-on-one lessons or may teach many children in a classroom setting. You can also opt to teach Business English, which normally offers higher pay. Most companies provide the necessary software and training of some sort.


National Average Salary: $98,073 per year

Primary Duties: If you are an expert in your field and possess knowledge and experience that your company, or other companies, can make good use of, you can work as a consultant and continue doing the work that you did. This work typically pays well and involves more flexible hours than a full-time position. You may consult for more than one firm at a time or be contracted to work for only one company.

Adjunct Professor

National Average Salary: $64.79 per hour

Primary Duties: If you were a professor, you may be able to work as an adjunct professor after retirement. This work normally involves working on a contractual or part-time basis. Although you will still be teaching, you may teach introductory or prep courses and will have fewer responsibilities than you did working as a full-time professor.