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INTJ Careers: Best Jobs For Your Personality

Your personality type can help indicate which jobs may be best for you. When you learn certain attributes of your personality, it can help you find opportunities that will likely contribute to your overall success and happiness. The INTJ personality type, based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) , is characterized by these traits: Introverted, i(N)tuitive, Thinking and Judging. In this article, we will discuss and describe the best jobs for the INTJ personality type. 

Finding the best job for your personality

Once you have considered the elements of your personality, you may find it helpful to use your INTJ personality traits to help you choose a career path. Your INTJ personality does well with the organization of logical systems, and you most likely enjoy trying to understand complex ideas. 

Here are the 10 best jobs for the INTJ personality:

Financial analyst

National Average Salary: $68,203 per year

Primary Duties: Financial analysts guide individuals and businesses when they make financial decisions or investments. Analysts assess the performance data of stocks and bonds, as well as other investments. They must understand how economic trends, political conditions and the business environment may affect investments. Financial analysts can also be called investment analysts or securities analysts.

Aerospace engineer

National Average Salary: $78,079 per year

Primary Duties: Aerospace engineers are responsible for designing satellites, aircraft, spacecraft and missiles. They are also responsible for testing the prototypes to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. Aerospace engineers analyze defects in existing products and projects to identify possible solutions. This job uses the latest technology to analyze and synthesize information for cutting-edge outcomes. 


National Average Salary: $64,064 per year

Primary Duties: Biochemists study the chemical properties of living organisms. They plan experiments, research and analyze the effects of substances on biological processes. They may also isolate and analyze specific molecules like DNA. They innovate and create new medications based on their findings. With this job, you can be sure to create new and exciting ideas with the likelihood of helping people with the solutions you may discover. 


National Average Salary: $211,848 per year

Primary Duties: Surgeons are responsible for operating on people who may have a disease, a deformity or injury. They use a variety of technological tools to diagnose and operate on people. They may also prescribe medication and counsel patients on preventative care. Surgeons typically specialize in one area of the body, though many choose to perform general surgery. The surgical field is always innovating to find new ways to heal people with advanced technology and critical thinking. 


National Average Salary: $108,740 per year 

Primary Duties: Architects are responsible for designing and planning building structures such as houses and office buildings. They create blueprints of structures using computer design software or by hand, and they estimate the costs of materials, equipment and construction. Architects develop final construction plans, and they must take into consideration zoning laws, fire regulations and local building codes. Architecture is about being creative while applying logical thinking which is an excellent career field for the INTJ personality type. 

Computer systems analyst

National Average Salary: $77,243 per year

Primary Duties: Computer systems analysts design information systems solutions based on the organization’s or business’s current computer system to help them operate more efficiently. They are responsible for merging the understanding of the needs and limitations of the business as well as the needs and limitations of Information Technology (IT). Computer systems analysts also design computer systems using a process called data modeling. 


National Average Salary: $85,699 per year

Primary Duties: Judges adhere to the law by presiding over legal processes in court. They listen to arguments from opposing counsels regarding a variety of matters in society. Judges apply laws and determine whether the charges brought against an individual or corporation are accurate and fair. The judge determines guilt with or without the assistance of a jury and decides the proper punishment for crimes committed. 


National Average Salary: $70,500 per year

Primary Duties: A lawyer upholds the law while providing legal advice to clients. They generally perform actions on behalf of their clients in court. Lawyers may represent individuals, businesses or government agencies. They must gather and analyze evidence using complex legal research to help them gain their desired outcome. Lawyers may specialize in specific areas of law like criminal justice or family law. 


National Average Salary: $15.09 per hour

Primary Duties: Photographers use their creative abilities and composition skills to capture and preserve moments. These creative professionals use their expertise to enhance the subject’s appearance using natural or artificial light. They use a variety of photographic technology to make sure the photos contain a high level of quality. Photographers that run their own photography business must also market their services in order to attract clients. This job uses a high level of visual analysis and technological expertise. 


National Average Salary: $24.10 per hour

Primary Duties: Writers develop written content through several different creative and technical channels. For instance, you may write for books, magazines, newspapers, online publications, advertisements, television, movies, song lyrics and more. Writers choose new and exciting content to write about, conduct research to provide accurate and timely information to their readers, and work with editors and clients to ensure quality content. Writing requires a high level of organization, creative thinking and analysis.