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ENTP Careers: Best Jobs For Your Personality

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Among the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types is the ENTP personality, which stands for Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking and Perceiving. Also known as ‘The Debater,’ this personality type is perfectly suited for a wide variety of jobs in a way that other personality types can’t match. In this article, you can learn more about the ENTP personality type and the career options that are a good fit for someone with these traits.

What is an ENTP personality?

To understand why these careers are fitting for people with this particular personality type, you can learn about ENTP characteristics. The nickname for this personality type is ‘The Debater,’ and for good reason. ENTP people tend to enjoy arguing and seek to find the source of the issue and eliminate the problem entirely. With a commitment to being this thorough, these people tend to enjoy long projects with intricate details. 

The enemy of an ENTP person is boredom, so having compelling and engaging work is a must. ENTP people also tend to be quite creative and adept at coming up with new ideas or innovations. This is because they’ve typically looked at the issue from a variety of different angles already. While their big-picture focus can lead to poor performance when it comes to repeated mundane tasks, they’re the go-to people for finding solutions or coming up with new ideas.

ENTP careers in business and technology

If there’s any area that is in need of new ideas and solutions to complex problems, it is business and technology. ENTP personality types tend to thrive in these environments, provided they’re given a role that doesn’t involve mundane work. In roles with constantly changing factors and new problems being presented, the ENTP type will be appropriately challenged and engaged. 

Here are a few examples of ENTP careers in business and technology:

Software developer

Being a software developer is a perfect job for an ENTP personality. The coding of software alone is always presenting challenges that require one to go straight to the source to find a solution. Additionally, it requires innovation and big-picture ideas to come up with proposals for software functions.


Of course, the personality type known as ‘The Debater’ would be perfect as an attorney. Even legal paperwork can be engaging to a certain extent given the fact that it’s being used to solve a unique problem. 


The stock market is constantly shifting and changing, and stockbrokers have to react at a moment’s notice. ENTP people thrive when they’re forced to think on their feet and find solutions in response to market forces. Additionally, they have to examine issues from multiple perspectives in order to find the best solutions that offer the most gains.

ENTP careers in art and design

Creative solutions have their place in the business and technology world, but creativity truly shines when it comes to art and design. ENTP types are often viewed as vessels of pure logic, but their creative side is what makes them truly special. Innovation in art and design is the key to success, and this is exactly what ENTP people can offer. 

Here are a few examples of ENTP careers in art and design:

Video game designer

A video game offers the perfect mix of complex problem solving and creative innovation. The mechanics and art within the game need to be compelling enough to facilitate an enjoyable experience for the player, but that’s just the beginning for game designers. They also have to deal with the coding itself, which offers an entirely separate potential for innovation that players never even see.


When it comes to copywriting, there are numerous requirements and restrictions that must be strictly adhered to. This includes factors like word count, grammar, audience appeal and formatting. ENTP people are useful in these jobs because they’re capable of looking at issues from multiple perspectives, allowing them to simultaneously write something the target audience will enjoy while remaining compliant with the restrictions given.


A photographer position allows ENTP types to take their use of different problem-solving perspectives to a literal level. They’ll have an easier experience finding the right angle or lighting for a shot because they’ve already considered the different possibilities. Additionally, their innovative thinking makes it easier for their photos to stand out among others, whether they’re taking pictures for a magazine, a website or for artistic purposes.

ENTP careers in science and engineering

The more intellectual ENTP types may be interested in science and engineering. After all, the primary purpose of science is discovering the unknown and applying that knowledge to find practical solutions for people. Even trial-and-error testing isn’t a problem because the testing parameters are different each time. 

Here are some examples of ENTP careers in science and engineering:

Environmental scientist

A job as an environmental scientist is especially fitting for an ENTP type because it requires these people to use all of their best personality traits. A climate scientist, for example, first has to sort through data to recognize the dangers the Earth is facing, then hypothesize about innovative solutions that could help others. 

Nuclear engineer

Nuclear power is one of the most effective sources of energy available, and a nuclear engineer with an ENTP personality type can thrive in such a position. While a general staff position at a power plant would not be a good fit for someone who dislikes monotonous work, a nuclear engineer can work on finding complex solutions for nuclear issues like maximizing energy output and minimizing ionizing radiation.