Booming Industries to Keep an Eye On

booming industriesIf you are fresh out of school and ready to face the grind, you have one major obstacle before you: applying for your ideal position. Of course, even this step requires some preparation. You need to work with a resume builder so that all of your applications are as competitive as possible and you need to study the nation’s economy and where it is growing; this helps you to find a position in a booming industry with a solid future, growth potential, a reliable salary, and–most importantly–desirable positions to fill.

Truly, we all need to be paying attention to the industries that are booming and escalating in the country. Not only does this effect where you should direct your skills and how you should further your education, it effects where we invest our money and even how certain businesses operate. For example, a declining sector like the wine industry will be less likely to provide good business for design and construction companies (fewer property acquisitions) and will be less likely to secure loans from banks.

For the sake of finding a secure and satisfying job, take note of the following places where the economy is experiencing rapid growth.


While Silicon Valley has dominated the tech field in the past, giving birth to new hardware, software, apps, and more, companies in the Northeast and Northwest are also booming. Some of the world’s largest technology companies are expanding their presence throughout the United States, which means that everything from research and development to IT is demanding a bigger chunk of the job pool.


You might associate silicon with electronics–again, hence Silicon Valley’s claim to fame–but automotive, health and beauty, solar energy, and construction industries also rely heavily on silicon products. This means that every aspect of the silicon production, sales, and distribution sector is demanding employees to meet the demand for this versatile resource.

Solar Energy

As the United States is researching ways to increase our overall energy efficiency and reduce our dependence on foreign fuel supplies, solar energy companies are stepping forward and experts believe that solar energy will be a dominant energy source in coming decades. The Department of Energy estimates that its efforts will result in a boom in solar energy products. While the long-hated oil companies are still booming, solar energy is where the future of efficient, clean, renewable energy lies. Employees are needed to maximize the potential of this resource nationwide.


A surge in available content as well as ownership changes within the big communications industries is adding up to a worldwide reliance on communications delivery services. From Internet providers to streaming TV and movie services, there is an ever-growing demand for these products. These financial booms have led to a huge influx of new hires on all levels. Just be prepared to grow in an industry in which your leadership will constantly vary.


As healthcare access grows, so will the general public’s ability to afford high-end pharmaceuticals. This means that research and marketing as it pertains to specialty drugs will be on the rise. A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report shows that pharmaceutical companies’ spending will grow by over 100% this by the end of year compared with recent years.

Prepare yourself to find career openings and stable job growth in all of these industries. To ensure you are in the forefront of these industrial booms, be sure to craft the greatest resume you can and network in these competitive job sectors.