Best Entry Level Jobs That Pay Well With Salaries

Whether you’re changing careers or just coming out of college, an entry level position is where you will most likely start. Entry level roles may require some skills or education but often require less than a year of experience. In this article, you can learn about the best entry level jobs and review salaries for each of the listed entry level jobs.

What is entry level?

Entry level jobs are typically a beginner level in the organization. These jobs are where professionals start to launch their career in that specific industry. Entry level jobs can help you understand the role better and help you decide if you are in the right industry for a long-term career. 

Best entry level jobs that pay well

The right position for you will depend on your education, goals, values, interests or skills. 

Here are some high-paying, entry level positions for you to consider: 

User experience designer

National Average Salary: $86,861 per year
Primary Duties: A user experience designer (or UX designer) conducts interviews, surveys and user testing to understand how people use software applications, and then translates this information into product prototypes, wireframe or sitemaps. UX designers also design websites and software applications based on their findings and the organization’s brand.

Environmental engineer

National Average Salary: $76,119 per year
Primary Duties: An environmental engineer works with private companies or government agencies to develop solutions for environmental issues such as pollution control, recycling and waste management. 

IT technician

National Average Salary: $74,085 per year
Primary Duties: IT technicians usually work with an organization to help develop their computer systems. They will monitor and diagnose computer or network problems, install and upgrade software or hardware, and perform tests on the computers, office equipment and the network. IT technicians will handle maintenance requests and technology training for employees.

Web developer

National Average Salary: $70,098 per year
Primary Duties: Web developers work for an agency or a client. They design and code websites based on a template, client needs or design wireframes. Web developers use web design principles to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites.

Visual designer

National Average Salary: $69,801 per year
Primary Duties: A visual designer creates concepts, artwork and layouts for a variety of things like games, websites, wearables, kiosks and other digital projects. They work with web designers who will do the coding. Visual designers are skilled in design software applications like InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. They use the software to create eye-catching visuals that engage users and help them navigate a website or software application.

Financial analyst

National Average Salary: $67,886 per year
Primary Duties: Financial analysts collect data to create models that support an organization’s financial decisions. They are responsible for offering advice to senior management, as well as analyzing trends and assisting in quarterly or annual forecasting.

Database analyst

National Average Salary: $62,104 per year
Primary Duties: Database analysts are responsible for the development and delivery of database systems. They are usually required to manage the database and are most likely employed by the technology company that created or specialized in that system.

Sales representative

National Average Salary: $60,048 per year
Primary Duties: Sales representatives sell services and products to clients. A sales representative (or ‘sales rep’) can work in a variety of industries. For instance, a retail sales rep will assist customers with products and show them how to use those products. Some sales reps work online or over the phone and may email or call from a list of potential customers that the company obtains. Sales reps are also responsible for any follow-up or customer support.

Executive assistant

National Average Salary: $54,498 per year
Primary Duties: An executive assistant supports an executive with calendar management, report preparation, travel arrangements and fielding calls. They have strong communication skills and are adept in Microsoft Office products. Executive assistants can work in a variety of industries as their skills are usually transferrable to many other administrative positions.

Junior project manager

National Average Salary: $53,804 per year
Primary Duties: A junior project manager can have several responsibilities, depending on the industry. The primary role is assisting senior project managers or team leads in executing project plans to attain a goal or outcome. A junior project manager may help to develop project execution, work with clients, create schedules, prepare and file paperwork and other tasks dependent on the organization or industry they are in.


National Average Salary: $50,308 per year
Primary Duties: Paralegals work for a law firm and perform administrative tasks for attorneys. They do case research, client interviews and help to prepare the attorneys for courtroom presentations. They often draft legal documents and help attorneys during hearings or trials.


National Average Salary: $50,263 per year
Primary Duties:  A copywriter usually works for marketing or advertising agencies to write copy for websites or print materials. They may also work directly for a business. Copywriters use basic marketing principles to create compelling copy combined with visual elements used in videos, ads or other marketing content.

Social media manager

National Average Salary: $47,719 per year
Primary Duties: Social media managers develop, plan and execute social media campaigns for an organization. They also monitor and analyze social media performance to develop other campaigns. They respond to questions and concerns from followers and make sure that social media posts follow the company’s brand guidelines.

Marketing associate

National Average Salary: $44,603 per year
Primary Duties: Marketing associates develop, launch and analyze internal and external marketing efforts that help an organization reach current customers and target new customers. They may conduct market research to identify trends in consumer habits.